The Non-Reader Algorithm

A reader’s perspective on what to give a non-book-a-holic to read

Opposites really do attract. Kim and I have a bunch of similarities- we both love outdoor activities, pizza is a great way to carbo load, athletic challenges are fun especially when they are done together, new places are meant to be weekend trips, naps are a perfectly legit activity for a Saturday afternoon, and family is important. However there are some differences that kind of stand out and make our relationship pretty cool. The biggest thing is how calm and steady Kim is compared to my tornado life with daytime drama happening every other day. Where I want to throw the phone across the room as soon as the automated program starts and I find myself repeating, “customer service!” over and over again, Kim is much more relaxed and calmly presses the indicated buttons as directed until being directed to customer service (in the same amount of time!!) However, the most noticeable difference for me is, Kim’s not a book-a-holic. It was sort of touchy there to start because I mean how do you explain to a non-reader how important those last few chapters are and I’m-trying-not-to-be-rude-but-PLEASE-let-me-finish-reading-because-I-just-have-to-know-and-seriously-think-I might-die-if-I-don’t-find-out-in-the-next-five-minutes? Or why the light is still on at 2:45 in the morning because a new book was started and it really isn’t my fault that it’s so good that I got sucked in and am still reading it? Or even worse, apologizing for waking her up when I start laughing out loud at something I’m reading?

Granted, we had pretty different upbringings and where Kim knows all the 80’s sit-coms my parents pulled off the biggest scam ever and convinced my sister and I that our TV blew up. One of us is TV and one of us is books. So those touchy moments when I was reading during a favorite show and she wanted to share the fun with me but I was sort of oblivious and I was stacking up books next to her bedside and wanting to talk books, how could we ever make it work? Compromise of course! I am now pretty invested in The Big Bang Theory and Kim lets me pick out a book every now and then. It works! And it comes out being a huge compliment to me when I pick the right book and she actually likes it not to mention a compliment to the author! I do admit that I have put a time limit on some of the books and if she hasn’t read so far within a month or so I’ll change out the book for a new one. I mean I want to keep her reading and if the book isn’t of the proper subject manner it could turn her off to my favorite leisure activity! Especially in my favorite genre- LESFIC!!

Well this is going to be all about the stories by our wonderful lesfic authors that captured Kim’s attention attention and what better way to shout out some praise than to see what the non-reader in the family is loving? So here we go:

  1. The Target– Gerri Hill
  2. Mending Defects– Lynn Galli
  3. Something So Grand– Lynn Galli
  4. Wasted Hearts– Lynn Galli
  5. Imagining Reality– Lynn Galli
  6. Redemption– Susanne Beck
  7. Ice Hole– Kiera Dellacroix
  8. The Caphenon– Fletcher DeLancey
  9. Sharp Shooter– Leslie Murray
  10. Engravings of Wraith– Kiera Dellacroix

This is by no means a complete list of all the books that Kim has read only what she was forced (and I’m stressing the forced) to list as her top 10. So what would you suggest I recommend next? I would say that she is strictly an action story genre type of reader but the Lynn Galli books are more romance than action so there is that side as well. There have been some other romances in the mix as well and as long as the build-up isn’t too drawn out she enjoys them.  So what are some lesfic stories that blend that action with just the right romance? As is also pretty obvious,  I continue with authors who she says she likes. Is there a series out there that she wouldn’t be able to put down?  Help me out her book-a-holics! What should be next? I’m in a prime spot here and she just finished a book on Sunday so I need to get a new one in her hands quick!!



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