Welcome Marion Dries to Women and Words

Good morning! Yes, it’s Thursday, don’t rush to check your calendars. I know y’all were expecting R.G. Emanuelle, but she’s supah busy this week, more so than her regular supah busy. Frankly, I’ve no idea how she keeps up with it all.

Anyway, you get me instead. Consider me, for the purposes of this blog post, to be R.G. 2.0. I’m not new and improved, of course, just different. And on a completely different side of the country. :)

Today, I have an exciting announcement. Marion Dries, a professional radio DJ for over ten years, is joining the Women and Words family. Woot! Insert mad-crazy applause here.

Marion will be conducting audio interviews that she will share on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Look forward to hearing from Marion for the first time in April.

Until then, take a moment and say hello! Introduce yourself, because, I promise, you’ve just made a new friend.

Oh, and I know we’ve added a lot of folks to the line-up lately, but this should be the last change in a good long while.

R.G. 2.0 signing off


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