Hootenanny 2014 – Day 7




Here we are! We’ve passed the halfway point, but that doesn’t mean a dang thing back here at Women and Words. Oh, hold on…


Every year, at least one reindeer thinks he can get on up there with the elves and do those b-boy dance battles or whatever the hell and sure enough — I DON’T CARE IF TUCKER IS JUMPING UP AND DOWN ON THE TABLE. HE WEIGHS A LOT LESS! Omg. No, Comet, I do not think you’re fat. But you are a reindeer and Tucker is an elf. Big difference. Like, many pounds/stone/kilograms difference. Why don’t you go to the trampoline?

Tucker gettin' his b-boy on.

Tucker gettin’ his b-boy on.

Anyway. Good thing we’ve got the trampoline. And good thing we moved it outside. All it took was one reindeer stuck in the ceiling by the antlers. Just sayin’.

So, NO, day 7 doesn’t mean a dang thing! It just means we’re still partying up in here and giving away books galore and sharin’ the luv and even the eggnog! WE ARE ALL ABOUT THE LUV AND THE FESTIVITIES. And we are also all about THANKING EVERY SINGLE AUTHOR AND PUBLISHER who is making this event possible and gives us a reason to indulge in serious holiday cheer with all of you. And thank you, readers, for participating in the frolic! We here at Women and Words would have no reason to do this if it weren’t for you.

(hint: “We Three Kings”)

We’re the elves at Women and Words
we have books and a reindeer herd
eggnog and coffee, pizza and toffee
this party is ERMAHGERD

Books aplenty, books all night
books with covers shining bright
twelve days of giving, that’s really living
makes us feel warm and light

We do this event every year
makes us so happy with books so near
drawing the winners makes us all grinners
major-ass party up in here

OHHHHH books aplenty, books all night
books with covers shining bright
TWELVE DAYS of giving, YEAH that’s really living
makes us feel so warm and light

For realz, yo.

Okay, here’s your refresher. If you’d like to get all entered in today’s drawing, leave a comment on the blog. Yeah, yeah. You’ve heard it before, but here it is again. Please include your email address in the comment fill-out form but NOT in the comment body (BOO! SPAMBOTS!). We’ll see your address in the back and lock it up all safe in the peppermint vault, so you don’t need to worry.

And please, little turtledoves, one entry per person per day. Let’s all get warm and fuzzy and share the luv.

And, again, we don’t match winners to prizes. We just draw winners and go down the list. Keeps it less confusing for everybody (and we have to be sharp back here, to make sure the furniture stays intact).

NOTE: Print is specified for the country publisher will ship to. If there is no specification, the publisher will ship anywhere.

So here you go. The list for Day 7 (if you click the publisher’s name, you’ll go to their site). Have fun!


FIVE ebooks, one each to FIVE winners. Winner’s choice, each time. YEE-HA!


Bedazzled Ink is offering FIVE BOOKS today, too. So we’ll draw five winners, and each winner gets a choice of any one of the following:
Everything by Carole Wolf, The Paths of Marriage by Mala Kumar, The Empath by Jody Klaire, Blowback by Bev Prescott, June Magee R.N. Festival Nurse by Ann McMan, Salem West, and Barrett, The Surrender by Terias McKlay, Kid by Doreen Perrine, Rabbits of the Apocalypse by Benny Lawrence, Positive Lightning by Laurie Salzler, Fractured by Jody Klaire (print or ebook)


You know them. You still love them. Well, here they are, putting up FIVE more titles for FIVE more winners (that’s one book per winner). Paperback (U.S.) or ebook. Winner’s choice of titles.


The fabulously awesome Bywater Books is offering two ebooks! We’ll draw two winners, and each winner gets to pick any ebook off the Bywater list!


Today’s offering from Cleis is a paperback (U.S.) copy of Love Burns Bright, a collection of sweet n’ sexy tales of lesbian love.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 4.36.59 PM
Our friends at Desert Palm are offering 5 books! That’s FIVE winners, one book each! Winner’s choice of book (paperback or ebook).


LadyLit is offering 2 more ebooks today! One copy of Forbidden Fruit: Unwise Stories of Lesbian Desire (ed. by Cheyenne Blue) and one copy of Anything She Wants (lesbian erotica anthology edited by Harper Bliss). Winners will receive the books in the order in which they were drawn.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 8.06.32 PM
Phoenix Rising is offering TWO books, one winner for each. Print (U.S.) or ebook, winner’s choice on title.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 8.09.58 PM
Rose and Star is offering 2 more ebooks, 1 to each of two winners (winner’s choice).


FIVE books, one to each of five winners! Winner’s choice, print (U.S.) or ebook.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 8.15.50 PM
3 WINNERS ALERT! The fab crew at Ylva is offering the following ebooks today: Still Life by L.T. Smith, Charity by Paulette Callen, and The Return by Ana Matics. Winners will receive the books in the order in which they’re drawn.


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