Hootenanny.Day1Hey, kids!

‘Twas the night of the Hootenanny and all through the back
the elves were all dancing and digging through Santa’s pack
looking for the books that they’d sure give away
to all who join in for the next twelve days

the elves, they were ready to bring all good cheer
and they mixed all their sugarplums in with their beer
then fired up the cider and put up the tree
for the giant massive giveaway…the HOOT-UH-NAN-EEEEEEEEE!

OMG! Here it is! The Holiday Hootenanny at Women and Words!

HOLY CANNOLI, people. We have a giant cornucopia o’ authors and publishers joining us for the next TWELVE DAYS in our giant extravaganza o’ holiday cheer n’ book giveaways!

So let’s get into this, with our first day of fun. All of us here are SO excited to do this. MANY, MANY THANKS to all the authors and publishers who donated books to get in on the fun!

Okay, here’s how this here Hootenanny thingie works. Each day, we will offer up a list of books. At the end of each day, we will draw winners for that day and post them on that day’s blog. Then we’ll post a whole new list of books the day after that. And so on, for twelve days. TWELVE DAYS, people. And YES, you can enter each day. But please, friends, just enter once on each day. Let’s show some luv and fairness, ‘kay? The elves thank you, because it’s crazy enough back there without trying to sort through all a’ that.

All right, today’s offerings are listed below, in the order they’ll be given away. So the first name we draw will win Lea Santos’s book, the second will win Clare Ashton’s, and so on. To be listed for the drawing, leave a comment on this blog. Include your email address at the comment prompt. It won’t be seen publicly, but we and the merry elves can see it in the back and we’ll thus be able to contact you. To help us help you avoid spam-bots, don’t include your email in the body of your comment.

You have until 10 PM EST (US time) to enter. Here’s the world clock link, for those of you who are not in the US. We will close the drawing at 10 PM EST and do the drawing right after that. Then we notify the winners soon after that. We will also post the winners on each day’s blog. So if you check back and you’re listed on the blog but you haven’t gotten an email from us, please check your spam filter.

Remember, every day is a new contest. That means you need to enter each day to play. Otherwise, the elves get confused. One entry per person per day, friends. There are plenty of opportunities to win. Share the luv. :)

And a reminder to authors: if your book is featured today, please don’t participate in the drawing. Cuz it’d be weird to win your own book, y’know?

Have fun and good luck!

LEA SANTOSWinner Larry Garrett

Lea is giving away winner’s choice of her work in ebook format. Looking for romance? Check out Lea’s list RIGHT HERE.

CLARE ASHTONWinner suzihautaniemi

Clare’s put up a paperback copy of her Goldie-winning After Mrs. Hamilton, a tale of sex, secrets, and obsession. Clo is a high-class escort for women, but there’s no love in her life. Mrs. Hamilton, meanwhile, wonders why she thinks a night with an escort will make a difference in her cold, numb life. But her night with Clo does. For both of them. And it uncovers a lot more.

DOREEN PERRINEWinner Kathleen Knowles

Winner gets either a paperback or ebook copy of Doreen’s latest, Clara’s Story. Claire loves the New York art scene, but she’s got a new fascination in the form of Italian artist Isabelle. Is anything there beyond a mutual love of art? If you win this, you’ll find out!

TRACEY RICHARDSONWinner Sandi Humphries

Winner gets 1 paperback copy of Tracey’s latest, Last Salute. Pamela Wright’s sister has died in Afghanistan, and Pam can’t forgive her for doing that, can’t forgive the country for sending her to die. Trish Tomlinson, who lived Laura long ago, surfaces in Pam’s life, searching for her own answers. Brought together by grief, can love grow between these two?

LAURIE SALZLERWinner jess2380

Winner gets 1 paperback copy of A Kiss Before Dawn. Can country girl Chris Martel manage to forge a bond with veterinarian Mary Jo Cavanaugh? Or has Chris built up way too many walls for love ever to find its way in? If you win, you’ll find out.

YOLANDA WALLACE – Winner nancy

Winner gets 1 paperback copy of Murphy’s Law, featuring mountain climbing guide Samantha Murphy, who is charged with leading an expedition up Annapurna with surgeon and philanthropist Olivia Bradshaw. Danger lurks at every turn, but so, too, might attraction.

DILLON WATSON Winner Cole Armocida

Winner’s choice of either Dillon’s latest, Back to Blue, about a woman struggling with her past in order to claim a future or Keile’s Choice, about a woman faced with her own difficult choices to find happiness.

DEJAY TWO BOOKS, TWO WINNERS! – Winners Anita Bradshaw and Mary

DeJay is giving away TWO copies of her novel Redemption, in ebook format. So two lucky winners will get 1 ebook each. Here, architect Mackenzie Taylor is trying to rebuild her life following the deaths of her wife and daughter. Widow Emily O’Brien is struggling with raising her orphaned three grandchildren. Renee McVee lost her partner, Emily’s daughter, to a drunk driver and now seeks solace in a bottle. This is an unflinching look at issues like domestic violence and human heartbreak, and the quest for love in us all.

KATHLEEN WHEELERWinner freckles3

Winner gets a copy (print or ebook) of Kathleen’s debut novel, Changing Shape, a story about three women and how their lives intersect.

KARIS WALSH – Winner Erin Saluta

Karis is offering 1 paperback of any of her fabulous books (Sea Glass Inn was JUST announced as a 2013 Rainbow Award winner!). So click THIS LINK to see what she’s got going on. That’s right. Winner’s choice, 1 paperback. Have a look.


Winner’s choice, one print or ebook. Hit the link to check the catalog.

Winner’s choice, one ebook. Hit the link to check the catalog.

Winner’s choice, one print or ebook! Hit the link to see the goods!

Winner’s choice, one ebook! Click the link to see the goodies.

Winner’s choice, one ebook. Check out the link for the goodies.

YLVA PUBLISHING – Terry Fountain
Winner’s choice, one ebook! Hit the link to check out the fun.