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Andi here. Just pretend I’m Jove today. She’s in the midst of some stuff and out of the office, if you will, and she asked if I could sit in for her and I said “sure!” So here I am.

Okay, friends. It’s February. We just had that holiday o’ luuuuv n’ romance we’re all supposed to get gooey and sexy over–get your pre-spring hormones rollin’ or some such. Which can be a good thing in the midst of the February winter blahs (c’mon, those of you in the northern hemisphere–I know you’re feelin’ that). So how about some stories to help with all of that? And the best thing about reading erotica and romance is that you don’t need to worry about protection. Because as I learned in college from a pamphlet at the student health center, “the brain is the largest and most versatile sexual organ.” That is, use your imagination to inspire a little nastiness! And use the imaginations of others to get the. . .ah. . .creative juices flowing, too.

click on for the good stuff…

So here are some links to f/f stories (legit and virus-free; consenting adults as subjects) and some links to info about anthologies to help with those winter blahs. Happy reading! Oh, and a lot of this is not work safe, if you’ve got coworkers who like reading over your shoulder. Just sayin’.

First, let’s get the ball rolling with an interview. Lust Bites, an erotic blogsite, did an interview with authors/editors Sacchi Green and Rakelle Valencia, they of lesbian erotica anthologies Rode Hard, Put Away Wet, Lipstick on her Collar and other Tales of Lesbian Lust, and Lesbian Cowboys: Erotic Adventures.

And also have a look at Zane’s site, Erotica Noir. I’ve included it here though Zane writes a lot of m/f erotica because she put together the anthology Purple Panties, which features f/f stories. Zane is a top-selling erotica author, who gets a couple of shelves to herself at many bookstores. She’s published by the likes of Simon & Schuster, but when she did Purple Panties, she got lots of cold shoulders from her publisher(s) and from the bookstore venues that normally have no issue with her or signings. Reason? The book featured lesbian erotica, and booksellers balked, claiming that there wasn’t a “big enough audience” for such a thing. Subtext? People freaking out over lesbian erotica. But did that stop her? Hell, no. She’s got another Purple Panties anthology out. You GO, Zane!

And of course, don’t forget the Best Lesbian Erotica anthologies offered by Cleis Press. The 2010 installment is available for public consumption. Here’s the link to Cleis’ line-up.

Alyson also puts out lesbian erotica. Try this link to see some of their offerings. Oh, and Cecilia Tan just edited an anthology of lesbian vampire erotica that Alyson released. More info? Women of the Bite.

And don’t forget Radclyffe’s anthologies. Here’s the link to her Radfic page, which lists not only her anthologies (some co-edited with Stacia Seaman) but also her other works. And here’s the link to some of her web stories.

You might also give Cheyenne Blue’s stories a looksee. Here’s the link to some of those. She does write m/f, but she has some f/f out, as well. She’s got a story in one of Radclyffe’s anthologies, where she writes as Maggie Kinsella. And she’s participated in Sacchi Green/Rakelle Valencia’s anthologies. Check here for info on what she’s up to and to go to the f/f stuff, if that’s your druthers.

Regal Crest also offers a couple of erotica anthologies, edited by Pat Cronin and Verda Foster (full disclosure–I do have a story in the forthcoming (May 2010) “Women in Uniform” anthology–scroll down on that page). Click here for their Blue Collar Lesbian Erotica anthology.

Bella Books, too, offers some anthologies that include lesbian erotica. Here’s the link to that page.

And try Sapphic The stories are organized by genre, including erotica.

The Royal Academy of Bards has lots of Xena fanfic and other fanfic, including erotica. There’s a lot going on over there, so if anyone here has tips on which stories/authors to read with regard to f/f erotica at the Academy, please let us know here (comments). Thanks. Check the “What’s New” page when you go, and there’s a search function. So if you enter “erotica,” you’ll be sure to find some stuff that way, too.

And if you’d like a couple of quick reads (shameless self-promo), here’s a link to an erotic story on my site that I wrote. I don’t do much erotica, as many of you know, but for some reason, this one just needed to “come out”: Gridlock.

And just got a link from my colleague R. G. Emanuelle (co-editor of Skulls and Crossbones and contributor to Year’s Best Lesbian Erotica 2010 with Cleis and also in the forthcoming “Women in Uniform” anthology) to “Oysters and Chocolate“, an erotica webzine. One of her stories was just published, released today: “A Day at the Parade.”

There you go! Hope that gets you started on the great quest to alleviate the winter blahs and warm up for spring.

All right, all. Thanks for stopping by and if you have tips for erotic stories, let us know in the comments. Please make sure the links are legit and virus- and cootie-free. That is, none of those pornsite links, please, which tend to be riddled with trojans (and not the condom kind) and other nasties. Practice safe web sex, folks. Your computer will thank you.

Happy Monday!



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  1. Erotics seems to be a good way to build up a story portfolio, as there are frequent calls for submissions. What I’m wondering is how long that will last. Will the market be glutted? Will the struggles and demise of many publishing houses mean fewer opportunities for erotica, as it has for other genres? There seem to be plenty of online opportunities, but what about print?


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