Why I love C. J. Cherryh

So it’s probly no surprise to most that I like  C. J. Cherryh.  She writes kick-** science fiction and fantasy (tho I haven’t read much of her fantasy yet). I’m enthrawled by her Alliance-Union universe and am working my way through those books.   Her Cyteen novel is still my all-time favorite, and the looong awaited sequel – Regenesis, while not nearly as good, is still a great  read.  I love how she handles the notion of ‘programmable’ personalities and even recreating the personality of a dead person.

Her books have a lot of politics.  A LOT. Not in the modern-day sense, but within the power structures of her created universe. I guess that’s my cuppa tea cuz I enjoy all her books so far.  I’m almost done with Hellburner, and oldie but goodie where she does a fantastic job of describing not two, but three unique human cultures that  are close enough to interact, but different enough to cause some interesting problems.

But the BEST thing about C. J. Cherryh lately?  Her new ebook store.  As an author who published many many books before the notion existed of ebooks, she owns the digital publishing rights to a whole lotta great books, books that have been out of print for some time.  So she’s bringing them BACK in ‘digital’ print on her website, along with new stuff down the road.   And, I quote:

Closed Circle itself makes no money at all. Every penny you spend on a Closed Circle book goes directly to the author.

Doesn’t get much better than that!