post-GCLS and other fine stuff

Hiya, folks–

Plumb tuckered out, yep. Had a great time at GCLS, and as I’m sure most of you have discovered, there are numerous reports, photos, and goddess help us all, videos of the panels, authors, readers, and events. So I’m just going to say that my panel on editing went faboo–but then, I was in faboo company. Ellen Hart, mystery writer extraordinaire and 2010 GCLS Trailblazer Award winner (Go, ELLEN! CONGRATS!), and Kelly Smith, editor at Bywater Books, provided tips and info with regard to prepping a manuscript for a publisher, and the process a manuscript goes through. I’m honored to have been in such company!

I also did an author chat with Amy Dawson Robertson, author of the Rennie Vogel intrigue series with Bella Books, and Tracey Richardson, author of The Candidate and No Rules of Engagement, also through Bella Books. Had a great time there, too. Wonderful company!

And congrats to all the winners at the GCLS awards ceremony! Here’s the list of winners. And many thanks to Ana Iza Otis and Maeola Bolton for performing this year, as well, and thanks to Bliss for singing the author spotlight dance.

Thanks to all my fellow authors and to all the readers for attending and to those who didn’t, I know you were there in spirit. Oh, and a BIG shout-out to Patty Schramm and the GCLS board members for all their hard work at pulling this off and making it a heck of a good time. Thank you.

All right. Lordie, friends, I’m still trying to get caught up and organized, so I’m not going to get into any major heavy topics today. Instead, I’ll leave you with a couple of excerpts. One, from Miles to Go, the first Rennie Vogel book, by Amy Dawson Robertson, can be found HERE. And the other, from No Rules of Engagement, by Tracey Richardson, can be found HERE.

Hope you enjoy them, and many thanks again to my coffee chat buddies for the fun and convo.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. Hi, Andi. I’m really sorry I missed it. I would have loved to see you guys in action.

    By the way, I heard there was a pretty awesome DJ at the celebration dance. Hmm, who could it have been?


  2. Nice wrap, Andi. It was great meeting you and the extremely warm and welcoming gang at GCLS. As one of the Con Virgin class of 2010, I think we all felt welcome. The sessions were informative, especially yours on editing. Great ideas.
    yeah, the dance…whew. What happens at GCLS, Stays at GCLS. fer shure!!
    Thanks, A


  3. Hi, all! Thanks a bunch for stopping by! R.G., maybe next year. We did miss you this year. 😦

    And Jeanne, good to meetcha and thanks for the roomie situation!



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