WOOO HOOO! OMG, we here at Women and Words were dragging out the tinsel, Menorah, Kwanzaa candles, and food for a giant Solstice feast and we decided to throw a giant holiday hootenanny instead with you, the people who visit us. So because we’re all about giving, we’re holding the 12 Days of Holiday Fun Extravaganza/Freak-Out/GIVEAWAY right here at our faboo site.


Starting Monday, December 13th, we’re going to hold drawings every day right up through Xmas Eve (the 24th). We’ve approached a vast panoply of your fave authors and thus far, we’ve heard from quite a few already who are more than willing and indeed completely excited to donate copies of their books to GIVE AWAY to you, the fab folks who stop by and throw your hats in the ring. In fact, we’ve got so many generous and awesome authors willing to get in on the fun that we will most likely have 2 or 3 authors a DAY. That means MORE THAN ONE WINNER EVERY DAY FOR 12 DAYS.


Can you feel the love? We can. We are all about the love. And sharing it whenever we can (in purely platonic, book-like ways, mind you).


So keep checking back because we’ll be posting the list of authors and the titles they’ve offered to provide. Some authors have turned the decision over to YOU, the future winner, as to which one of their titles you’d like to have. And don’t worry, we’ll tell you more details (like how to play) closer to launch.

So stay tuned and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

–lotsa luv, us here at Women and Words




  1. Not sure where to post this, but am thrilled that you folks now are #1 when searching Google for “women and words”! Cool.

    Oh, yeah, giving away books? Priceless.


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