Or extravaganza! A veritable cornucopia o’ awesomeness and sharin’ the luuuuuv!

Here’s how it works. As you can see, we’ve scheduled different authors for different days. We’ll be posting a blog EACH DAY for 12 DAYS with that day’s featured authors/books BEGINNING MONDAY, DECEMBER 13. If you’d like to be entered in a drawing for that day, leave a comment on that blog (don’t worry, we’ll include instructions every time). When you fill out the comment form (name, email), make sure you provide an email address. Have no fear. That address is not visible publicly, but we need to have it so the elves can contact you. At the end of each day–10 PM EST–we’ll put the names for that day in a hat/bowl/empty aquarium/old boot/ secret jewelry box or whatever’s handy and we’ll draw our winners. And yes, you are free to enter other drawings throughout the 12 days if you so desire. Call me crazy, but I’m thinkin’ you’ll be doing that! 🙂

And we apologize, but you can’t sign up for specific books. We decided that would be majorly confusing and we would prefer to have fun and not perplexity. So if we draw your name third, for example, you’re matched with whatever book is numbered three on the blog list. It’s a veritable grab-bag of fun and grooviness, thus. Kind of like door prizes masquerading as books. You’ll notice, too, that some authors are offering “Winner’s Choice.” That means YOU, the winner, get to choose a title by that author that you’d like. And also, remember, two of these drawings are on a weekend. So check in and get signed up! YEAH!

All rightie!

BEHOLD! The list of authors who have so graciously and generously donated books to help us celebrate the holiday season here at Women and Words! Is it not what I have been promising? Was I not correct in telling you of the sheer unbelievable giddiness such a thing would evoke right to the soles of your happy feet? I think so!

MONDAY, Dec 13
1. Clifford Henderson: Spanking New
2. Gill McKnight: Ambereye
3. Fay Jacobs: As I Lay Frying
4. Lara Zielinsky: Turn for Home

1. CP Rowlands: Lake Effect Snow
2. Georgia Beers: Starting from Scratch
3. Barb Clanton: Art for Art’s Sake
4. Jove Belle: Edge of Darkness

1. Colette Moody: The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin
2. Andi Marquette: Winner’s Choice
3. Tracey Richardson: Side Order of Love
4. JD Glass: Winner’s Choice

1. Bobbi Marolt: Between the Lines
2. Ali Vali: Devil Be Damned
3. Joan Opyr: From Hell to Breakfast
4. Lori L Lake: Shimmer

FRIDAY, Dec 17
1. Cate Culpepper: River Walker
2. KG MacGregor: Winner’s Choice from Shaken series
3. R. Roberti: What, No Meat? Traditional Italian Cooking the Vegetarian Way (COOKBOOK!)
4. Amy Dawson Robertson, “Miles to Go”
5. Rrrose Carbinela: Romance: From Mild to Wild and Poetry: The Window Into One’s Soul with DK

1. Catherine Friend: A Pirate’s Heart
2. Paula Offutt: Butch Girls Can Fix Anything
3. Chris Paynter: Playing for First
4. Moondancer Drake: Ancestral Magic

SUNDAY, Dec 19
1. VK Powell: Winner’s Choice
2. Rachel Spangler: Long Way Home
3. Renee Bess: The Butterfly Moments
4. Patty Henderson: Winner’s Choice from Brenda Strange series
5. Cheri Crystal: Attractions of the Heart

MONDAY, Dec 20
1. Carsen Taite: Winner’s Choice, It Should be a Crime or Nothing but the Truth
2. Mavis Applewater: Home for the Holidays
3. JLee Meyer: High Risk
4. Stefani Deoul: Carousel
5. Kate Sweeney: Winner’s Choice
6. Chris Paynter: Come Back to Me

1. Jove Belle: Indelible
2. Lee Lynch: Winner’s Choice from Beggar of Love, The Swashbuckler, or That Old Studebaker
3. Sacchi Green: Winner’s Choice from Girl Crazy, Lesbian Cowboys, Lesbian Lust, or Time Well Bent
4. Carrie Carr: To Hold Forever
5. Kristin Marra: Wind & Bones

1. Anne Laughlin: Veritas
2. Marianne Martin: Legacy of Love
3. Jeanine Hoffman: Strength in Numbers
4. Lynn Ames: Winner’s Choice
5. Barb Clanton: Out of Left Field

1. JM Redmann: Water Mark
2. Ellen Hart: Cruel Ever After
3. Bett Norris: Miss McGhee
4. Nann Dunne: Dunne with Editing (a proof)
5. Patty G. Henderson: So Dead, My Love

FRIDAY, Dec 24
1. Radclyffe: Winner’s Choice
2. Radclyffe: Winner’s Choice
3. Radclyffe: Winner’s Choice
4. Radclyffe: Winner’s Choice


  1. Let the fun begin. I can’t believe how many of the listed books I have already bought, read and given away.


  2. Andi, Many thanks for organising, this Hootenanny, It is going to be super fun over the coming days.

    And thank you Authors for getting in to the Spirit of the Season.


    • Ummm…you know, we didn’t check with all the authors, but I don’t have a problem shipping to other countries. And some of the authors on the list don’t live in the US anyway.

      I say enter the drawing and we’ll go from there.


      • We are merry elves, after all. Well, speaking for myself. Anyway, we’ll make it work, dang it. This is freakin’ holiday hootenanny time. If Santa can do it, so can we. We may not have reindeer or a magic sleigh, but we have a healthy dose of nuttiness and freaky ideas, so I’m sure we’ll get this all figured out.

        As Jove says, enter away and we’ll go from there!


  3. I’m hoping to win my Christmas Present! 🙂 I like all the authors on the list but I really love Ali Vali, Radclyffe, Lynn Ames, KG MacGregor & Cate Culpepper.

    I hope I win something! 😀


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