DAY 5 of the 12 Day Holiday Hootenanny!

And tonight’s drawing–did you notice there were FIVE books? OMG!–gives us THESE winners! For those of you who didn’t win, don’t worry! There are 7 more days! Keep coming by and hanging out with us! We’re merry, after all! WOOOO!

1. Cate Culpepper, “River Walker”–Lisa

2. KG MacGregor, Winner’s Choice from Shaken series–Sandy W

3. R. Roberti, “What, No Meat?”–Towanda

4. Amy Dawson Robertson, “Miles to Go”–Dorothy Parker
NOTE TO DOROTHY–the email address you supplied is bouncing back to me. Please drop me a line so I can hook you up with Amy:
andimarquette AT gmail DOT com

5. Rrrose Carbinela/DK, “Romance” and Poetry–Erica L

Congrats, all! Come on back tomorrow, folks. Cuz we are not even CLOSE to being done sharing the book luuuv with you. 🙂

Whew. Oh, my goodness. Will the merriment never end? NO! Not today, it won’t! Welcome to DAY 5 of our festivities here at Women and Words! We’re so excited to do this and many, many thanks to all the authors who donated books to get in on the fun.

Today’s offerings are listed below, in the order they’ll be given away. So the first name we draw will win Cate Culpepper’s book, the second will win one of KG MacGregor’s books, and so on.

To enter today’s drawing, leave a comment on this blog entry. Include your email address at the comment prompt (it won’t be seen publicly). To avoid spam-bots, don’t include your email in the body of your comment. You have until 10 PM EST to enter. At that point, we’re doing the drawing and we’ll post the winners here, on the Day 5 entry.

Don’t forget–each day’s drawing is an individual contest, so you have to enter each day to play. That helps minimize confusion for the elves AND reindeer over here. Thanks!

Have fun and good luck!

1. Cate Culpepper, River Walker

source: Bold Strokes Books
The award-winning author of the Tristaine series brings you a legend from the Southwest. La Llorona, the woman who weeps and haunts the New Mexico waterways serves as a vehicle to bring two very different women together. Can they overcome a ghost’s vendetta? Win and find out!

2. KG MacGregor, Winner’s Choice from Shaken series
Cover of Book 1 of the Shaken Series:

source: Bella Books
Lambda winner KG MacGregor wants YOU to pick from her Shaken series. Without Warning, Small Packages, Aftershock, or Mother Load. Which will it be? YOU PICK!

3. R. Roberti, What, No Meat? Traditional Italian Cooking the Vegetarian Way

source: Bedazzled Ink Publishing
Wow ’em with this fun, informative cookbook with easy-to-follow recipes. Roberti proves that traditional Italian cooking isn’t all about the meat (but you can add it if you want). Chock full of history, food tips, and even meal plans, Roberti’s cookbook is a great intro to Italian cooking. Make sure you swing by Roberti’s blog at!

4. Amy Dawson Robertson, Miles to Go

source: Bella Books
Rennie Vogel finally becomes a counterterrorism agent for the FBI. But something’s not right, and one disaster after another befalls her, almost like someone is trying to sabotage her. Finally, with miles of unknown territory before her, Rennie has to put her trust in the one thing she hasn’t before: another woman. Will she face another betrayal? Win and find out!

5. Rrrose Carbinela, Romance: From Mild to Wild and Poetry: The Window Into One’s Soul with DK (ebooks)

source: Amazon

source: Mobipocket
Join Rrrose for romance hot n’ sultry or sweet and sexy. Then join her and DK in the EPIC finalist poetry anthology.


  1. The fun goes on, but this time I am hoping for a win on 3 or 5, I have read the others at least twice, and they are superb.


    • WHAT???? This book ROCKS! I actually read cookbooks for funsies (though I am a foodie, too) and this one is awesome. Full disclosure: I do know the author. But I didn’t really when I got this book. I’ve cooked a few of the recipes (the frittata is to die for) and at some point, I’m going to try the tiramisu. The soups are SO good in this book, and she walks you through a step-by-step on making your own pasta, which is actually not as hard as you would think. In addition, I have it on good authority that the author is, in fact, a sis-tah who plays for our team. How could you go wrong with THAT? A sis-tah! Awesome Italian food! Vegetarian (that you can alter into meat-ful)! Way easier than you’d think, to cook a full traditional Italian meal. With a name like “Roberti,” she knows what she’s talking about… 🙂


  2. Well, I missed yesterday being sick…so hoping today will be lucky…would love to win Rrose and Dk’s stuff but there is lot’s of other intriguing things there!

    Ps…If I can’t win…then sure, I’ll pull for Nann to win!
    Very Happy Holidays to Everyone!


  3. writes my name on a slip of paper, puts a bit of kibble on it for Jove’s dog, tosses it into the bag. woohoo


    • Mmm hmmm. Oh, I see how this works…and it’s actually my dog who did the pick. She’s a piece of work. You can find her on Facebook: Taylor Wonderdog. But there are still 7 days of fun and madness after this, so keep on playin’! WOOOOO!


      • Well, I’m sure my kids would like some kibble as well. Or my dog for that matter. We have a Chinese Crested. Every seen one? Hairless wonder. Lily (the three year old) covered her little hairless body (the dog) in body glitter.


  4. Hi there
    What can I say? All the books look wonderful to me. I already own some of them but not all and I wouldn’t mind to complete my list.
    Thanks for this chance!



  5. Rrrose and DK would like to clarify that the winner of our books has the option of hardback OR e-book.


  6. This contest is better than any Advent Calendar I’ve ever owned! Thanks for the great books you’re giving away!


  7. Not sure if I’m too late but I want to put my hat in again… Cate Culpepper is a friend and it would be great to win her book, too.



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