Tonight I enlisted a couple more elves. Taylor the dog retired a bit early (she needs her beauty rest), so I had to call in the neighbors, who think I’m insane anyway, so they were game. YAY!

And tonight’s drawing–did you notice there were FIVE books? OMG!–gives us THESE winners! For those of you who didn’t win, don’t worry! There are 7 more days! Keep coming by and hanging out with us! We’re merry, after all! WOOOO!

1. Cate Culpepper, “River Walker”–Lisa

2. KG MacGregor, Winner’s Choice from Shaken series–Sandy W

3. R. Roberti, “What, No Meat?”–Towanda

4. Amy Dawson Robertson, “Miles to Go”–Dorothy Parker
DOROTHY–the email address you provided is bouncing back to me. Please drop me a line at andimarquette AT gmail DOT com

5. Rrrose Carbinela/DK, “Romance” and Poetry–Erica L

Congrats, all! Come on back tomorrow, folks. Cuz we are not even CLOSE to being done sharing the book luuuv with you. 🙂

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