All right, kids. Taylor the Wonder Dog helped tonight, as did another elf. YAY! Taylor’s got to earn her keep, y’know. The elf did it for a beer, and don’t worry. She didn’t start drinking until AFTER the drawing!

Here we go!

1. VK Powell, Winner’s Choice–Stephanie Inman

2. Rachel Spangler, “Long Way Home”–Jess (who posted at 8.00–your email has a bunch of j’s in it)

3. Renée Bess, “The Butterfly Moments”–Jean Murphy

4. Patty G. Henderson, Winner’s Choice of the Brenda Strange mysteries–Nancy Nunes

5. Cheri Crystal, “Attractions of the Heart”–Sally Brann

OMG! HOW MUCH FUN IS THIS? Tomorrow is Day 8, my friends. SIX titles. I am not making that up. SIX. You never know when the holiday magic will strike. So we’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂


  1. Me like this drawing a lot ! Your “today” is already “yesterday” for us ….so dunno when to post this, lol. But hey, just count me in for the dec. 20th drawing. Thanks !


  2. Margot, you need to post on the blog itself for the drawing. Not on the winners for the previous day. Here’s a World Clock to determine time zones:

    We put each day’s contest up around 9 AM Eastern Standard Time (which is about 2 PM UK time) and we close it down at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time, which is about 3 AM UK time.



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