DAY 8 of the 12 Day Holiday Hootenanny!

All right, friends. Jove got a bunch of folks together (we inducted some more merry elves) to conduct this drawing, and here are the results. Taylor the Wonder Dog took the night off. A diva needs her beauty rest, after all. So here we go:

1. Carsen Taite, choice between “Nothing but the Truth” and “It Should be a Crime”–Dawn Salisbury

2. Mavis Applewater, “Home for the Holidays”–Robin

3. JLee Meyer, “High Risk”–Joan Denman

4. Stefanie Deoul, “Carousel”–Ripley

5. Kate Sweeney, “Winner’s Choice”–Regina Hanel

6. Chris Paynter, “Come Back to Me”–Kate McLachlan

OMG! WTF! We ain’t done yet. The elves are not finished. The large women have not sung. Nor has that fat dude in the red suit, either. Tomorrow is Day 9, and we’ve got FIVE up for grabs. So come on back!

We, the merry elves at Women and Words canNOT get enough of the hootenanny. So we’re bringing you even more fun n’ books! Welcome to DAY 8 of our festivities here at Women and Words! We’re so excited to do this and many, many thanks to all the authors who donated books to get in on the fun.

Today’s offerings–and notice we are piling on the luuuv because there are SIX–are listed below, in the order they’ll be given away. So the first name we draw will win one of Carsen Taite’s books, the second will win Mavis Applewater’s book, and so on.

To enter today’s drawing, leave a comment on this blog entry. Include your email address at the comment prompt (it won’t be seen publicly). To avoid spam-bots, don’t include your email in the body of your comment. You have until 10 PM EST to enter. At that point, we’re doing the drawing and we’ll post the winners here, on the Day 8 entry.

Also, for those who are uncertain what time zones you need to be thinking about, here’s a link to a World Clock. We start the drawing at about 9 AM EST in New York City, e.g. (2 PM London time–they’re 5 hours ahead of NYC) and close it down at 10 PM EST (3 AM UK time). Currently, it’s 1.02 AM on Tuesday the 21st in Sydney, Australia. But World Clock can help you! WOOOOO!

Have fun and good luck!

1. Carsen Taite, Winner’s Choice between It Should Be a Crime and Nothing but the Truth.

source: Bold Strokes Books
Alice B. award-winner and Lambda finalist Carsen Taite offers a winner’s choice between It Should be a Crime(a night of passion between two women that ignites once again when they meet in the courtroom weeks later) and her latest, Nothing but the Truth(two lawyers battling in the courtroom, until Fate puts one on a different side). This is a special treat, folks, because you cannot get her latest until mid-January. But Carsen’s got the goods, and a copy could be yours.

2. Mavis Applewater, Home for the Holidays

source: Blue Feather Books
Yo, MAVIS! Goldie-nominated author Mavis brings the hot n’ spicy for the cold winter nights with a series of holiday romps. This book is guaranteed to light your fire and hang your mistletoe.

3. JLee Meyer, High Risk

source: Bold Strokes Books
Goldie winner JLee BRINGS IT in High Risk. Actress meets agent back in the day. Actress walks away from agent, goes about her life. Agent re-enters actress’s life. Actress doesn’t want anything to do with agent. But Fate has other plans…

4. Stefani Deoul, Carousel

source: A&M Books
An emotionally drained woman shows up at a Northeastern diner. She intended to keep on driving, but a junk yard full of discarded carousel horses catches her attention, and starts a mysterious, restorative journey for her and the townspeople.

5. Kate Sweeney, Winner’s Choice

source: Intaglio Publications
It’s Kate! Award-winning reader fave Kate Sweeney is offering up any one of her books. So pick away. Would you like one of the Kate Ryan mysteries? Or perhaps one of Kate’s toothy vampire novels? If you win, YOU PICK!

6. Chris Paynter, Come Back to Me

source: Blue Feather Books
Chris wanted to play TWICE with you, fabulous contest participants! Glutton for punishment, aren’t you, Chris? πŸ™‚ So here’s her second book up for grabs. Author Angie writes under a male pseudonym and wins all kinds of accolades. She’s living the writerly life in Key West but then book reviewer Meryl picks Angie’s alter-ego’s work for a scathing review, unaware of the identity behind the name, who at one time was Meryl’s one true love. Will a chance book review bring these two together? Or open old wounds? Win and find out!


  1. I have every body part crossed that you pick me this time. What an awesome line-up of talent here. The Hootenanny has been a great way to gear up for Christmas. Thank you all.

    Monday could be worse…but putting my hat in this contest brightens up my day.

    Good luck, everyone! Happy Monday!



  2. I hope it is possible good fortune strikes twice in a day. I received a C Card from my friend Dianne and her wife today, I wasn’t expecting it before Christmas. It would be great to win one of these books. yes yes yes please please please.


  3. May I try again? If so drop me in the box,hat,anything but the john. Thanks to all of you for Renee Bess’s book. Love these games. I haven’t won anything that pleases me more.


  4. Well, here’s hoping I win something…at least I got to put my name in today; after yesterday went to he** in a handbasket (My daughter got bit by a stray dog she was trying to help. She actually came in the house crying and dripping blood that looked like it was coming from her eyes. The dog got right above the tear duct area on her right eye and her eyebrow on her left and of course she is all bruised up all around it! Then we had to wait at ER and she had to get a tetanus and rabies.)
    Needless to say by the time we got back from the hospital oh and the pharmacy to pick up the antibiotics and pain meds…we were both worn out and crashed! What kills me is that I had the page up and ready to enter yesterday before the whole storm hit! Oh well, that’s life! So, keeping my fingers crossed for today or maybe some other day down the road…would just like to win once!
    thanks y,all and big hugs,


  5. I am crossing my fingers hoping I win today, I would like to read them all, so I don’t care which I win, I just want to win…LOL!!!!


  6. I asked Chris if we could keep putting our name on every day if we are a past winner. She said sure – but to not quote her (she hasn’t read the contest rules). Now those are some rules I want to see!


  7. I thought I would join the fun since over the last few days great books including unreleased ones were given away. Great idea! thanks.


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