OMG the stress! The tension! Taylor the Wonder Dog picked the winners. She came out of her diva-hood to go to work. The way we do it is I shake the names up in a canvas bag, then spread ’em out on the floor and whichever ones Taylor sniffs are the winners. Okay, it’s not very scientific, and I do have to call her back a few times and mix the names up again, but she can’t read (I don’t think…hmmm…), so I figure she’s impartial. The other elves were busy tonight, so the task fell to Taylor and I think she performed to the utmost of her abilities.

Tonight’s winners are:

1. Jove Bell, “Indelible”–Tara

2. Lee Lynch, Winner’s Choice (“Beggar of Love,” “Swashbuckler,” “Old Studebaker”)–Gloria Dugger

3. Sacchi Green, Winner’s Choice (“Lesbian Cowboys,” “Time Well Bent,” “Lesbian Lust,” “Girl Crazy”)–Ruth Carson

4. Carrie Carr, “To Hold Forever”–Deej

5. Kristin Marra, “Wind and Bones”–Oksana

Oh, my goodness. That is some LUUUUUUV, friends. Have no fear! Tomorrow’s another day! And again, we’ve got 5 more for you. Hootenanny! ROCK ON!

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  1. Now, I have to ask Santa Claus for “Indelible”. I just read the excerpt and loved it… was hoping for another X-mas Present. 🙂 Oh, well. Congrats to the other winners… when will I get my book? I think it’s a little too late to get it by Christmas… though that was what I was hoping for… I guess I’ll have to give my mom one of my other Ali Vali books for her to wrap with a note on it that it’s just to hold the place until the real book gets here.

    Once again, Congrats to the other winners! Especially the winners today!


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