Taylor the Wonder Dog and six gnomes (one of them was the Travelocity one) picked the winners tonight. It was, indeed, a thing to behold. Especially when the Travelocity gnome jumped into the canvas bag and did a rave. Freaky.

But regardless, the deed is done and here we go!

1. Anne Laughlin, “Veritas”–Florence

2. Marianne Martin, “Legacy of Love”–Kathy Aydin

3. Jeanine Hoffman, “Strength in Numbers”–Ze

4. Lynn Ames, Winner’s Choice–Anita Bradshaw

5. Barbara Clanton, “Out of Left Field”–Lynn Glover

Dang, Ze. The gnome picked you third. But I know Lynn was having a big sale recently…so maybe stop by her site and see what’s up? Regardless, a free book! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!

And don’t forget! TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY!!!!!! WOOOOOO! 5 MORE TITLES!!!!! The Hootenanny CONTINUES!!!!!