Awesome. I love it when people win free books! We, the merry elves at Women and Words, got ourselves one of those ol’ skool wire bingo ball cage thingies. You know the one. Where you turn it with the hand crank? So one of the elves got way giddy with it and it flew open and the names went everywhere so we blindfolded her and made her pick 5. Here they are! WOOOOO!

1. JM Redmann, “Water Mark”–Sue

2. Ellen Hart, “The Cruel Ever After”–Rose

3. Bett Norris, “Miss McGhee”–Sherry Mills

4. Nann Dunne, “Dunne with Editing”–wordsofbarrett

5. Patty Henderson, So Dead, My Love”–bookgeek

And tomorrow is the grand finale, friends! It’s going to be RADical. 🙂