For a Limited Time…

Hi, folks! Happy Friday! Well, I have a goody for you today. I mean, I hope it is. The rights to my short story, “Night Shift,” recently reverted back to me. So I’m going to offer it to you to read at my website for a limited time. No, don’t know what “limited time” means. Maybe a month. Maybe two. Maybe ’til the cows come home wearing rockabilly tattoos. 🙂

So what’s “Night Shift”? Well, it involves werewolves, vampires, and a little bit of romance. If that’s your thing, maybe give it a whirl, eh? (a couple of parts might not be entirely safe for work).

HERE is your link to punch the clock for the “Night Shift.”

Happy reading!

And if you want to talk about it, well, catch me here or at Facebook. WOOO!



  1. Read your short story Andi and thought it was very good but I think you should have made it a complete book.
    Nothing I enjoy more than reading the writers work on their web sites. Thanks for letting us.


    • Actually, there IS a book. Unpublished. Torquere Press put out a call for Halloween short stories in 2008 or thereabouts, when I wrote “Night Shift.” Torquere published it as a standalone and as I noted above, recently the rights reverted back to me.

      In the interim, I decided I liked the story enough to write a book, which I did during NaNo 2009 (and yes, I did complete it during the month of NaNo). I am currently rewriting that manuscript. Don’t know what’ll become of it, though.


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