Hi, kids! Oh, lordie, it’s been crazy. So this week, you have a chance to win another copy of Lavender Ink: Writing and Selling Lesbian Fiction, edited by Fran Walker. Fran has agreed to provide a copy of the book this time around.

So we’re going to play with tropes. Hee hee! That is, an old writing device that forces people into dang it, telling a story. Let me turn it over to Fran:

“Suddenly, a naked woman screamed” is a classic writer solution: half-joke, half-genius. If you’ve written yourself into a corner or gone completely blank as to what comes next in your story, type in “Suddenly, a naked woman screamed”, and take it from there. Okay, the odds are that by the time you’ve finished the story that line, and perhaps the whole subplot, will have to be removed, but quite often it will get you going again so that you can finish the story!

And, really, if a lesbian writer can’t jump-start her stalled story by adding in a screaming naked woman, she needs to…..um, try harder ;-D

So go on, y’all. Woman’s car has broken down out in the middle of the desert. She sees something coming down the road. Then a naked woman screams….what is going on? Maybe Andi will want to give you more than 20 words….thirty? Forty? A hundred?

Okay. In FIFTY words or fewer, what happens next?

Here’s your prompt:

Damn car. She should’ve gotten it checked over before she left the last border town. She got out and glared at the smoke that emanated from under the hood. A faint hissing mingled with a lonely desert breeze and she shaded her eyes, studying the highway. Was that a heat wave? No. Someone or something was coming.

Suddenly, a naked woman screamed.

There you go. Leave your response in the comments (please supply an email and SWEAR only we can see it unless you actually post it in the comments). R.G. Emanuelle will pick a winner and Fran will send the book out.

You have until TOMORROW! (because I’m outta control and started late) TOMORROW (SATURDAY THE 26th!) here in the US, 6 PM EST. That’s…um…10 PM, I think, in the UK.

Good luck and have fun!


  1. “You ran over my scooter.”
    The woman ran faster towards the now confused woman. Looking around, Cheryl didn’t see a scooter. In fact, she hadn’t felt or heard a metallic scraping at all. Had she been that out of it listening to the head banging music? Looking underneath she saw what was left of a snake. It’s dying hiss aimed at her.

    That was too fun. Thanks for the opportunity to play, even though I went over the word count.



  2. “Cacti! The cacti are attacking!”
    Tonya shook her head. “What vision quest did you fall out of?”
    Then, she saw the approaching shape. It looked like a giant Gumby. With spines attached.


  3. Trying A THIRD TIME to post here… well, technically, the fourth:

    “Cacti! The cacti are attacking!”
    Tonya shook her head. “What vision quest did you fall out of?”
    Then, she saw the approaching shape. It looked like a giant Gumby. With spines attached.


  4. Not in the contest–I have a contributor’s copy–but my evil editor side can’t resist asking how you can tell she’s naked just by the scream.


  5. “Will you shut up,” she told the naked woman tied up in the back seat. “I think someone’s coming…and no I don’t mean you. You’ve got to wait a little longer for that.”
    “I think you should untie me for now,” the naked woman said. “We can play kidnapper later.”


  6. She opened the car boot. “Do I have to gag you as well?” she asked in a tired voice. The naked woman nodded avidly, but the lid banged shut again. Being both bodyguard and nanny for a millionaire’s kinky daughter was beginning to be a pita.


  7. That was no mirage. Even during the seventies, when she experimented with mushrooms, she never hallucinated anything like that.

    “Help me,” the woman said, grasping her arm. “Hurry.”

    The woman pulled her toward the creosote bush next to the road. Then she saw it, on the ground beside the bush.


  8. She turned toward the shrieking sound, and saw her squatting in the ditch. “Holy, shit.” she muttered. And what the hell was that, barreling down the road towards her? Could this trip get any more bizarre?


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