Humor, Cops, and Book Giveaway

Most of you are probably tired of hearing about lesbian cops by now, so I’ll leave that part until last, and move right along to the question of humor.

Why should there be any question? Who doesn’t like a good laugh now and then? But I’m talking now about lesbian fiction, and just how much humor readers want to see. A few passages of gentle joking or wit to establish character? Laughter to camouflage intense emotions? Or stories framed entirely as humor?

On another forum we’ve been discussing whether humor in literature gets, well, no respect. One writer has a novel about to come out which is essentially (as I understand it) a humorous take-off on the all-too-familiar tropes of fantasy stories, with lesbians in the major roles. It sounds great to me, and anything by this writer is bound to be terrific, but it’s not classic romance, or erotica (which is probably just as well, since erotica gets even less respect.)

I know there are humorous lesbian novels out there. I could name some, but I’ll let you do that. My question is, does humor fit into your list of things you might look for in lesbian fiction?

Moving on to Lesbian Cops: Erotic Investigations and the book giveaway—well, I do guarantee a few laughs in the book, but it doesn’t fall into the category discussed above. You can be sure, though, since it contains work by our own Jove Bell and RG Emmanuelle, that it does transcend the all-too-familiar tropes of erotica, while still providing plenty of spicy goodness. My box of books has just arrived, so if you’d like to get one while they’re fresh, comment below and you’ll be entered in the drawing. I’ll set the deadline for comments at midnight Wednesday, and after that there will be more chances to win a free book by commenting on any of the entries in our blog tour, starting April 1. Jove posted the schedule here a few days ago, and you can also find details at

Oh, one more note: go ahead and comment about humor in lesfic even if you don’t want the erotica book. If you do want to be in the book drawing, make it clear. Is that clear?


  1. While I don’t necessarily expect humor in the books I pick up, I love when I get a good laugh in addition to a great story. I thoroughly enjoyed Colette Moody’s Parties in Congress, I find Catherine Friend’s tongue in cheek humor a great part of her writing, Andi Marquette & Georgia Beers have serious storylines but with moments of levity that do give depth to their characters…Of course, I’m a smart-ass, so infusing characters with a good dose of sarcasm, a dry wit or otherwise able to recognize the ridiculous-ness of life? That makes me identify with them and draws me into the story.

    I enjoy all different kinds of stories, though. And erotica? Yes, please. My hat is off to those of you who write it and write it well.

    And to be clear, I WANT TO BE IN THE BOOK DRAWING! ;-p


  2. I like humour in books I’m reading. Doesn’t have to be completely full of humour but a funny sarcastic line dropped in occasionally.


  3. I do look for LesFic with humor, think Greetings from Jamaica Wish You were Queer, I don’t necessarily look for my humor and my erotica to overlap on most cases, but I take it when I can get it. I have noticed that my reading tastes have changed in the last few years and now I want more books with humor and all the other depth that comes (I am only guessing here) with taking the time and effort to write funny stuff. I want more, I want funny, stories about family and/ or friends, and life in the books I read.


  4. Depends on the story, of course, but yes, if the situation is ripe and the character has wit and timing–go for it. Awkward tense moments are often made more real by a good line or look or even an action. I think it adds depth to both characters involved in the scene.
    Toss my hat in the ring.


  5. Oh! Put me down for a chance to win the book. :-]

    As for the question of humor. I love humor in my books – even in my erotica – as long as it’s done well. One one-liner after another? Not so much. Turns the book into an ill-written farce.

    But good jokes thrown in every now and then? Absolutely fine.

    And sarcasm? Love it. I love good sarcasm even in the sexy bits. ;-]


  6. I thoroughly enjoy humor as long as it fits the situation. I’ve written some myself, but only short stories. I think you need to be way talented to carry it off in novel length.

    I’m in for the book give-away. Great subject Sacchi.


  7. I so want to win a copy of that book. As far as the humor- not so much. I want the eroticism in my lesbian stories. A small dose once in a while is great but I usually read for the hot factor.


  8. If witty counts as humoUr then yes, absolutely. I’ve been pitching a novel idea about a lipstick lesbian who runs away from ‘the lifestyle’ with a cop hot on her trail for a crime she’s committed. She has a ton of sex with men but after awhile . . . she starts to miss the girls. So far I think the humour of the book is making it a no go with publishers but who knows . . .
    I think it would be great.

    Best title ever: Lesbian Cops. Oh how I would luv to win a copy!


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