And the winners are…

Hi, kids —

Sorry…little late today. SO! Congrats to all the Lambda winners yesterday!

Here’s the list.

Go check it out and DISCUSS!

I’ll get you started — Val McDermid won in lesbian mystery and Cate Culpepper won in lesbian romance!


Bring your comments here. I’m always interested to know what people think about book awards and the books that win them.

Happy Friday!


  1. The only thing that baffles me is how Val McDermid’s book (an excellent book in a great series) could be given the award for Lesbian Mystery when there is no lesbian content in it… (something V McD has stated herself)


    • I’m thinking it’s because McDermid herself identifies as a lesbian.

      QUOTE: As such, it should be noted that the Lambda Literary Awards are based principally on the LGBT content, the sexual orientation of the author and the literary merit of the work.

      So maybe they based it on the sexual orientation of the author and the literary merit of the work in this case. Cecilia Tan was live Tweeting the event, and one of the comments/speeches (don’t know who said it) dealt with LGBT authors writing beyond LGBT identity, and expanding and pushing beyond subject matter that exclusively deals with LGBT content. I took that to mean pushing into larger markets, and pushing ourselves as LGBT writers to write characters and content that maybe aren’t/isn’t exclusively LGBT.


  2. Congratulations to all the winners.

    I’ve added a link below to my blog. I have taken the time to link the titles as buy links for every single category winner.

    Support the very best in LGBT literature, and buy something, or several somethings, today! Many have both book and ebook formats available.


  3. Just had a private email informing me I’m wrong and there is Lesbian content. I guess my memory is at fault then.


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