Read this stuff or leave the planet unhappy

Hi, kids!

Okay, okay. If you don’t read this stuff, it doesn’t mean you’ll be unhappy because honestly, you won’t know what you’ve missed. But if you want to be a little happier and read some really good stuff online, I have some hook-ups just for YOU!

First, if you are not aware of Fletcher Delancey, WHY NOT? Fletcher writes Star Trek: Voyager fanfic, but she’s also got an original novel at her site that references a couple of Star Trek things, but other than that, it’s all hers. The title of that novel is Without a Front. She writes a hell of a sci fi adventure, so RUN don’t walk through the interwebs to her site. HERE’S THE LINK. She’s also got some contemporary short stories available there. I guarantee, you’ll be a Fletcher convert after reading any of her work.

Next, and along the Voyager lines, try Gina Dartt, whose Voyager fanfic is well-known. Gina also has some novels (some of you may know them), and you can get some info on those here. Here’s her F/F fanfic link. And if it’s Gina’s Voyager you want, here’s the link to that.

For something a little different (and thanks to Fletcher for turning me on to this), check out Anik LaChev’s fiction and fanfiction (and yes, it’s lesfic). Here’s the link.

And in case you missed it, F/F fanfic (or altfic, if you prefer) at the Pink Rabbit Consortium.

There you go! Happy reading!

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