In Memorium: 9/11, ten years later

Greetings, all.

I don’t have the words to adequately convey my feelings about this particular day. I tried, because I think it’s important to say something, but this is a day that for me isn’t about words or documentaries or archived news footage, all of which I still find too difficult to view.

I, like all Americans old enough to understand the significance and ramifications of that day ten years ago, greet this day with grief and unease, but also a sense of my identity as an American, and what that might mean, whether now or in the future. I think about the people who lost loved ones on that day, and I think about what we lost as a nation, and how this event has shaped us collectively and individually and how we’ve dealt with it.

Each of us has our own way of commemorating this day, and whatever it is you choose to do, I hope it brings you some comfort.

If you’re staying away from the TV today, but you wish to engage in some sort of visual or audio commemoration, here are some links you might find helpful in healing or remembering or just reflecting.

Time Magazine put together some moving photos and testimonies from a variety of figures, both political and not, sharing their thoughts and feelings about that day.

Make History, a collective telling of the events of 9/11, through the eyes of those who experienced it all around the world. You can add your own stories, and upload photos.

The 9/11 Memorial is opening today. Here’s the website. If you can, at some point in your life, I think it’s important to visit this site.

YouTube and the New York Times collaborated to bring you a channel on YouTube to provide videos and photos to tell your stories about that day.

Here’s the 9/11 Memorial YouTube channel, again, where you can share your own stories or hear and see the stories of others.


  1. “greet this day with grief and unease” — That sums it up for me. Yep, I’m avoiding the TV today. I especially do not want to see our political “leaders,” present or past, blah-blahing on & on with whatever they think they are obligated to say to commemorate this occasion. It’s a gorgeous September day in Colorado, & I’m going to let that be enough for me today.


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