It’s the END! Again.

Hey, kids! Wow. Sorry about that. Things got out of hand this weekend and, as we all know, busy. Busy busy busy!

Anyway, do you all remember Harold Camping? The guy with Family Radio (the Christian-based network that serves millions worldwide)? The one who’s been preaching for years now that OMG May 21, 2011 is FOR SURE the beginning of the Rapture and October 21 is FOR SURE the end of everything.

Well, we all know how May 21st turned out. (cue crickets and tumbleweeds)

Sadly, Mr. Camping had a stroke soon after May 21st came and went. Regardless, he did make a statement about that. Basically, God didn’t want us to suffer during the 5 months between May 21 and October 21, so He decided to just end it all on October 21.

Camping also claimed that a Rapture of sorts did occur on the 21st–a “spiritual” Rapture. Anyhoo, October 21 is fast approaching and Mr. Camping is saying that the world “probably” will end on that date.

I’m thinking this time around, he’s not going to get the credence he did from even true believers back in May.

Anyway, because I have a somewhat apocalyptic streak, stuff like this fascinates me. The mechanics and logistics of getting someone to buy your end-of-the-world-for-reals message makes for great character studies if you’re a writer-type. And it’s always a really cool writing prompt. So in that spirit, here. Some writing prompts in case you’re feeling promptless:

1) Your fave uncle tells you he quit his job and is joining Rapture caravans to spread the word about the end.
2) You notice a new family down the block that seems to really be into Revelations, since they’re always talking about it door-to-door in your neighborhood. But then one of them does/says something that makes you think they’re up to something far more sinister…
3) You wake up one morning and look out your window and there are piles of clothing all over the sidewalks and the street in front of your house.
4) A friend from high school contacts you and says she’s willed everything to you because the end is coming October 21 and she knows you’re an atheist and will no doubt get stuck here with the rest of the hell-bound.
5) You’re convinced to join a Rapture caravan and spread the word. All those people in the media making fun of you…well, they’ll be SORRY.

There you go. Write away!

And seriously. When is there EVER a fixed date on something as amorphous as the end of everything? Oh, wait. Currently, every Sunday evening through the fall, “The Walking Dead” airs on AMC.

Okay, maybe sometimes there are fixed dates on seeing the end of everything.

Anyway, happy Tuesday!


  1. I love the line of thought that goes something like this:

    So, the Rapture happened. All the ‘goodies’ went … erm? … elsewhere. All the ‘baddies’ stayed here, but ‘cos Himself (Herself wouldn’t waste Her energy on this silly stuff!) really loves the ‘baddies’ too, He rewired their memories so that they wouldn’t know the ‘goodies had left town!

    Now, that’s a whole lotta rewiring, and reconstruction work. (just think about all the physical evidence the ‘goodies’ left behind) We’re talking about matter regeneration and redistribution on a sub-molecular level here.

    All those ‘goodies’ gone and matter being redistributed would result in far less disruption of the natural order of life here on Terra. Which would be a good thing and improve the human condition (the ‘baddies’) in general.

    Which would mean that the Rapture didn’t leave the ‘baddies’ writhing in torment. It therefore follows that the Rapture didn’t happen.

    In fact it mustn’t happen! Those ‘baddies’ can’t be allowed to live happily ever after.


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