Missing in Action

Hi, everyone. It would seem that both Andi and I have been missing in action this week. For me, spy school is still keeping me busy (this week was vaporizing-the-enemy week). Andi, on the other hand, has been chasing runaway mummies to escort them back to the ancient tomb of Lezzitungcomin. They must be put to rest before the world can go back to its natural order.

Anyway, I know that Andi would have wanted me to remind you all that it’s National Novel Writing Month. In fact, she blogged about it just before starting up the propeller of the plane that would take her into the remote deserts. You can check it out HERE. And to go to the NaNoWriMo site, click HERE.

So, go and write a novel, and next week, when Andi returns from the desert (hopefully sans mummy curse) and I return from the urban jungle of spydom, we want to hear about your progress. Good luck, everyone!