WA-HOOOOO! Andi’s helpful holiday gift list!

Hey, peeps! How are you? Things are kinda nutso this time of year, but I’m here to help you with your last minute shopping, especially for the people who are SO hard to shop for, like…[insert person’s name who you really hate shopping for because they either have it or say they don’t want anything because oh, they’d rather hang out with you than set up that crazy patio tiki bar you got him/her last year].

For the hipster-ish wanna-be vampire-ish type:
Absinthe lip balm. If you can’t drink it, you can at least smell like you’ve been sitting around drinking it all night with the hot blood-sucker who you would like to bring you into the legions of the undead because dang, who WOULDN’T want to look like Kate Beckinsale in Underworld?

Source: Archie McPhee (resized here)

For the bookish among us, who really need to feel the revolution:
Viva El Libro T-shirt, with Nancy Pearl, awesome Seattle librarian as the icon.

source: Unshelved

Speaking of books, who says nobody needs print anymore? HUH? HUH? Here’s something I’m totally digging. A hollowed-out book. Used to conceal just about anything, like hooch during Prohibition or, most recently, throwing daggers. (Note that the daggers were stashed in the chapter titled “Ninja Equipment.” Diabolical!)

source: Etsy hollowed-out book company

And the gift that NEVER gets tired (of ridicule). God help us all, the Snuggie. Able to fight cold in a single, horrendously shaped mass of fabric designed to ensure you will never, ever live it down if you actually deign to wear it. Word of advice? Nothing kills the sexy like a Snuggie. Even a come-hither leather sofa cannot save you from the hormone-killing Snuggie:

source: StyleHive

Zombies think you look like a tasty pig-in-a-blanket with this on. Something else to think about.

Oh, for sure. I KNOW you know someone who wants this. Swear. And you can have your very, very own. The leg lamp, from Christmas Story.

source: Amazon

When I lived in Nashville, my neighbor across the way set one of these babies up on his ironing board. Right in the front window. It was a sight to behold. I did appreciate it, but after about March, it got kind of old.

Still not sure? Finally, how about a string of party lights? (note to readers: Yes indeedie, I indulge in crazy strings of party lights. You should, too.) The cool thing about party lights is you can totally leave them up all year ’round, so you don’t ever have to decorate for another holiday ever again. It’s always a party, after all, at your house. This joint has some awesome Star Trek and Star Wars lights. I think this might be one of my fave strings. And when in doubt, hit partylights.com. They’ll fix you up. I’m sure your fave relatives in Michigan will totally appreciate ice-fishing house party lights.

source: Partylights.com

Who says there’s nothing out there for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life? Thank goodness Women and Words is here for you. 😀

Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever you celebrate and if you don’t, well, happy December!


  1. Ah, Andi…You never fail to brighten my day, whether you’re reminiscing about Sheila E, or offering us last minute gift ideas for our difficult-to-shop-for family members and friends. Thanks for these suggestions, dear heart. I’m off to order one of those leg lamps and perhaps a CD by Coke Escovedo, Sheila’s dad.


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