Friday Fun Stuff

Hi, kids–

Hope things are groovy with you and yours. So I found some cool links for readers and writers that I thought I’d pass along to you and yours. Some deal with the craft of writing, some with the business of publishing/writing, and some are interesting things for both readers and writers. Okay. Here!

1) The top ten blogs for writers. These were nominated by readers, and Write to Done took over 2100 nominations. Here’s the list of the top 10. I’m a fan of the blog Terrible Minds, which was one of the winners. Chuck Wendig is the wordmaster over there. So I was checking out some of the other blogs (and yes, I signed up for just about all of them because I’m crazy that way) and discovered over at Creative Penn…

2) this great post about websites, and why it’s important for authors to a) have one and b) have a good one. Examples are provided in the post. I can’t stress enough how important it is for authors to have a website that is easy for readers to find and navigate. Posts like this make me go immediately to my own site and look at it critically so I can figure out how to make it better or, possibly, hire someone else to make it better.

3) How about talking pricing? What does the $.99 ebook do for authors and readers? Check it here. I see the pros and cons of pricing an ebook at $.99. But I’m also thinking that pricing a shorter novelette at that price seems okay to me. Here’s a blog about what constitutes “shorter” ebook fiction. And here’s the New York Times on what shorter fiction might or might not do. This article is from last year, but it seems relevant.

4) Darcie Chan, a self-published author, finds some pretty groovy success with a book that several traditional publishers just wouldn’t pick up.

5) Possible trends in publishing. I tend to agree with most of this — authors, pay attention to the “emerging skill set” section. As an author, your job is not just writing the material. It’s also about learning the industry. Those of you who are working on becoming authors (whether published or self-published), read this piece.

6) Something I’ve been noticing is the emergence and “mainstreaming” of Scandinavian crime fiction (Steig Larsson is part of this). And lo and behold, here’s an article about that.

7) Here’s something that kinda sticks in my craw, and it’s pointed out by Sisters in Crime. Book review guy Lev Grossman and the books he’s looking forward to in 2012. Notice something missing from this list? Mmm hmmm. No women. Which is not to suggest I’m quibbling with his choices. I’ve read those authors, and I agree with his assessment (note–Paolo Bacigalupi’s work is super provocative. The guy’s ultra-talented). However, are there no women authors he’s looking forward to? REALLY, Mr. Grossman? REALLY?

There you go. Some food for thought, one hopes.

Thanks to Sisters in Crime for providing a few of these links and setting me on the trail of others.

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy Friday!