Bits n’ parts

Hi, all–

I check Writer Unboxed blog a LOT. I mean, a super lot. Because I always find something helpful there. Today, it’s Lydia Sharp, on editing to characterization. She also lists some great things to read for authors who want to improve their fiction, including literary agent Donald Maass’ book(s). His stuff is generally spot-on.

Check that blog by Sharp, if you’re an author currently slogging through various drafts. She offers some good tips.

Also, ten things NOT to do when you write, courtesy of the Guardian UK. Good stuff here.

And, for readers and writers, it’s not actually a bad idea to follow literary agencies via social media. One of those that I follow is the Nelson Agency in Denver, which specializes in YA and “chick lit,” including urban fantasy with strong female characters. I get their newsletters, in which they talk about trends they’re seeing in their genres of specialty.

And if you like reading zombie lit, give Jesse Petersen‘s stuff a try. The first book in her series opens with a husband and wife going to marriage counseling (they’re not doing so well) and they start to realize that some things are not…quite…right. A zombie apocalypse proves a better marriage fix than therapy. The first book is Married with Zombies. Here’s the excerpt. Seriously. Give it a read.

source: Hatchette Book Group

All rightie. Happy reading, happy writing!