Links that might interest indie publishers

And any other author interested in publishing routes.

First, came across this at Indie Reader today in my forays through the interwebs: “Sticks and Stones: The Changing Politics of the Self-Publishing Stigma,” by Terri Giuliano. It deals with shifts in perception about indie publishing/authors and traditional publishing/authors. She deals with the war of words directed at self-publishing and points out the changing perceptions about self-publishing. Historically, self-publishing was considered a “last resort” route, but with shifts in technology and the availability of ebooking, she notes that many indie authors choose that route because they WANT to. She also notes that many indie authors avail themselves of professional editing and design services to produce a quality product.

Along those lines, author April Hamilton notes that self-publishing ain’t free in her blog post titled “If You’re Not Ready To Invest, You’re Not Ready To Publish.” She notes that

The decision to self-publish for profit is a BUSINESS decision When you decide to self-publish for a profit you are deciding to LAUNCH A BUSINESS. You are going into direct COMPETITION with every other publisher and self-publisher out there, and many of them have a lot more money, time and experience than you do, no matter who you are. No one who goes into business has an inherent right to success or profit, or even the attention of consumers. All of those things must be earned, and are generally hard-won.

The American Booksellers Association’s Bookselling This Week has this tidbit on how savvy booksellers are establishing programs to help streamline a consignment process to make it easier for indie authors to get into bricks n’ mortar stores and their works on the shelves. Catch that here, in “Working with Self-Published Authors.”

Happy reading, happy writing, happy publishing!