Still more Friday fun stuff!

Hi, peeps! Friday makes me giddy for the weekend, and though I do generally write on Fridays, I sometimes just want weird/funny stuff in which to indulge. So here. Have some fun. And remember. The truth is out there.

X-Files linkage:

Teen films possible Bigfoot in Idaho!
What is it? Drunken hunter? Drunken bear? Grizzly Adams? What IS that thing in the woods? You decide.

Strange object at bottom of Baltic Sea.
Area 51 space junk? Alien stone tablet? Jimmy Hoffa? Millennium Falcon?

Image of Jesus in shower mold
(no, I am not making that up). And don’t forget the tortilla sightings. And here. (hmmm. Both of these are in NM. COINCIDENCE? Or just better tortillas?) Other sightings in objects you would never expect.

Cool stuff:
16-year old cracks 350-year-old mathematical Isaac Newton puzzle.

Dr. Seuss’s WWII political/social cartoons.
This totally fascinated me. I love Dr. Seuss, but was woefully unaware of this aspect of his talent.

A peek inside the notebooks and journals of famous authors, artists, and visionaries.
Loved this.

Funny stuff:
18 women you should be following on Twitter.
No, for reals. Go see. There are samples of their Tweets. There are also links to other groups of 18 women you should be following on Twitter. Go see those Tweet samples, too.

Like the Russian blog. This woman CRACKS ME UP. Her byline? “I married a Russian so you don’t have to.”

Thank GOD. At last, someone to help us learn how to dance in the da club (this guy cracks me up):

Good to see that things haven’t really changed all that much since my club days. Heh.

And there you go, peeps. Happy Friday and may the Farce be with you.

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