Writing Tips!

Hey, kids! A couple of links for you that might help you in your writing.

Great post over at The Write Practice by Nick Thacker on what you can learn about writing by writing thrillers. Here’s the link.

The 3 things he suggests: “Everything leads to something,” “When you get stuck, do something ridiculous,” and “Work backwards.” Go see what he means and how it might apply to your writing, whether you’re working on a thriller or not.

And Juliet Marillier has a good blog over at Writer Unboxed dealing with the “curse of the middle book.” Specifically, the second book in a fantasy trilogy, but trying to keep the ball rolling in any series can prove difficult. Marillier’s post discusses structure and overarching framework, and throws the blog open to others with a question about how others deal with the curse of a middle book. You might find some good info there, if you’re working on a series.

And for funsies/snarkiness, check Slushpile Hell, the Tumblr of a grumpy literary agent. Sometimes VERY grumpy.

For hilarious reviews of romance, you MUST visit Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. An example of a book the Bitches graded with “F+.” Read here. Go, and behold the awesome-ness of SBTB.

And if you’re a comics geek, go check out my fangirl rave over DC Comics’ Birds of Prey on my blog, The Situation Room. Here’s the link.

So have yourself a groovy weekend! Happy reading, happy writing.

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