News and upcoming interviews

Hey, peeps! Whew. Hope your weekend was super-awesome. In case you wondered (and I know you were), I sometimes do zombie apocalypse survival tips on Saturdays over at my home blog. The latest is here, if you wanna check that.

Also, you can catch me ruminating on my New Mexico mystery series over at the Regal Crest authors’ blog. Click this here linkie to check that out.

AND! COOLNESS UPON COOLNESS! I’ve lined up a whole SLEW of authors who agreed to join me for chit-chats here at Women and Words.

First up, this Friday (THIS FRIDAY THE 20TH!) is author Renée Bess, who will also be giving away a copy of her latest “romance-tery” The Butterfly Moments.

source: Book Depository

The gist: Alana Blue is leaving her job as a Philly parole officer and she’s looking forward to the break. But nothing is ever that simple and she has to deal with a co-worker who lacks appropriate sexual boundaries, a homophobic daughter, police detective Johnetta Jones whose murder investigation leads her to some people in Alana’s caseload, and a potential attraction to said detective.

And you’ll get to spend a little time with Renée. We talk about her work, writing, and whatever else I come up with.

Expect interviews/giveaways over the next month or so with authors Kate McLachlan, Janet Albert, and Lynette Mae, as well. And even more after that (whose names I’ll reveal in upcoming days). So stay tuned!

Happy reading, happy writing, happy Monday.