More Friday Fun Stuff!

Hey, kids! Hope everybody’s having a groovy Friday. Howsabout we have some more fun stuff?

We spend a lot of time as writers trying to do certain things, trying to write a certain way, trying to get our books to look a certain way. So today I thought I’d give you some examples of what NOT to do. Bless their hearts. Behold:

Some links to the worst book covers of all time.
Here’s one.
And another. (some of these covers appear on multiple sites)
I know what you’re thinking. And yes, you can actually own a copy of it. HERE. And yes, you can get that other one HERE.

Publishers Weekly does a “worst book ever” thing on its blog. They posted one today. The title of it is “What are These Strawberries Doing on My Nipples? …I Need Them for the Fruit Salad!” Yeah. I thought that was kind of grammatically vague, too. Does she need the strawberries or the nipples for the fruit salad? Kinda creepy either way, especially if the strawberries are, in fact, on her nipples. Anyway, PW has the scoop RIGHT HERE. Make sure you read the reviews they re-posted from Amazon, most of which are complete snark but pretty dang funny. This book is hard to come by, so if you were hoping to read it, better start looking. 😀

This. This is priceless. A site showcasing the worst album covers ever. You have GOT to check some of these out. SRSLY. Go now. Do not walk. Run. HERE. Oh, and a few of these are NSFW! I’d say over 95 percent are, however, so don’t worry.

And since we’re sort of theme-ing here on things we probably shouldn’t read, here’s a July episode of Jimmy Fallon’s “Do Not Read.” This one had me cracking up.

There you go! Have fun and happy Friday!