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Dreaming of Her by Maggie Morton

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Lookie who I found hanging out in the halls! Maggie Morton! Woot! Maggie is celebrating the release of her FIRST BOOK, Dreaming of Her from Bold Strokes Books. She’s all kinds of fabulous, so she dropped in to do a guest blog. Before you race of to read it, check it out! She has a website of her very own. And, if you’re not a website browsing kind of gal, it’s okay. You can totally just email her directly at otterprawn at gmail dot com. Drop her a line and say congrats, show her some love. Be sure to ask wtf an otterprawn is. I smell a story there.

As a special bonus, she’s GIVING AWAY A FREE E-BOOK! Woohoo! Want to win a copy of Dreaming of Her? You know the drill. Fill out a comment and let us know that you want it. Include your email address in the handy form, not in the body of comment (avoid evil spam bots). We’ll Do the drawing on Tuesday, 9/25. I’ll drop you an email as soon as we do the drawing–It’ll be a very complex series of events involving me, a hat, several small pieces of paper, and my son standing on his tippie-toes trying to get said pieces of paper out of the hat–and I’ll post the winner here as well. Good luck, y’all! Who doesn’t love some free erotica?


by Maggie Morton

When we go to bed, our dreams keep us company as we sleep through the night. I’m one of those people who usually remembers their dreams in the morning. Sometimes, in my dreams, I’m trying to avoid some sort of threat (and sometimes those threats are found to be quite comical upon waking). Sometimes I’m rushing toward something instead, perhaps trying to save the world from a villain’s dastardly scheming. And then there are the dreams that make me blush when I think about them the next day. You all know what kind I’m talking about, don’t you?

As an erotica writer, that particular type of dream gave me some inspiration. Because the people we dream about aren’t necessarily from our reality, after all. So, where do those mysterious people we’ve never set eyes upon come from – those seducers and seductresses? In Dreaming of Her, a young woman named Isa begins to dream of a gorgeous woman named Lilith, her very own mysterious seductress. But of course, as we all realize about our dreams, this “Lilith” isn’t real – Isa knows this, as we all do.

Except, unlike that hot woman or man you dreamed about the other night, Lilith is real. She comes from a world of women and men who bring humans their dreams, and Lilith is in charge of bringing humans dreams of a sexual variety. That’s all she’s supposed to do, but, as sometimes can happen in our reality, outside of dreams, the sex she has with Isa leads to more.

We can’t bring the people in our dreams out of them, although some of us (or, most likely, most of us) might sometimes wish we could. Our dreams, at least in my opinion, are mostly there to help us learn, to help us problem-solve and grow. But in Isa’s case, there’s more to it than just that alone. What is the best decision for her to make about this dream woman, this woman in her dreams? Just like all of us, she has to figure out how her dreams relate to her waking life, although in her case, the connection is much stronger, and, potentially, much more meaningful.

And what would you do, were you in her shoes? Reality has its appeal, but all of us, at some point in time, have wanted to lose ourselves, completely, in our dreams – either in day dreams or in the ones that keep us full of passion and emotion as we sleep. For Isa, the passion and emotion are much closer to reality – they are reality. And as her feelings for Lilith grow, she’ll have to make up her mind about whether Lilith is a dream she wants to, you could say, come completely and utterly true.



  1. Dreams have been unique to me since I was in my late teens. Amazing to me that I would dream a whole story. Silly me thought I would be famous and rich, as a writer, able to pen these stories quickly. I would dream the same dream for weeks and months to the point I started believing I had lived another lifetime. I even realized that my characters had voice but no face. Very Odd. Note to self: I now change the word “silly” to stupid. Painful realization, I COULD NOT WRITE A STORY. I really tried. My dreams have more passion and emotion now a days but only good for once a night or week. Sooooooo I am anxious to read Dreaming Of Her. Welcome to Bold Strokes and happy to know you write Erotica. You know Rad is the Queen Erotica writer. Lucky you.


  2. Sounds interesting, I like the concept of ‘others’ being there to direct our dreams. I am one of those persons who doesn’t remember my dreams, but on a very rare occasion.

    I would like to be included in the drawing.


  3. That is an awesome idea! I love dreaming- crazy, scary, weird, they all have a story. I would love to win a copy of your book!


    • Aw, thanks, Elaine. That was one of my goals, certainly. I definitely try to inject my longer pieces (novellas, novels) with a fair bit of poignancy, one of my favorite things in the world, and something I see as truly beautiful in writing (and often in life, too).


  4. I would like to be entered in the drawing for the free e-book.

    I have been out of work for a few years and lost my house. I had to move in with my nephew and his family and I change diapers all day long, cook, clean and do 3d grade homework. I don’t have $$ so getting free books is my only way of getting any new reads.



  5. I love to find new authors! Look forward to reading this book and many more! Not to mention, winning a free book to kick off the relationship would be awesome!!!


  6. This is one subject that I can saddle up to, I dream a lot. Lately about the new woman in my life. I thought this was a very interesting interview, but all the interviews on Women and Words are interesting. These gals do a terrific job. Good thoughts to you and wishes to you Maggie.
    I would like to be included in the drawing please.


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