Wordstock in Portland

I spent this past weekend at Wordstock in Portland, Oregon. Bold Strokes Books had a table in the Red Chair section of the festival and I got to hang out there with fellow BSB authors, David Holly and Karis Walsh. The Red Chair district was exactly what it sounds like, the grown up section of the book festival. Our closest neighbor was a sex toy store called She Bop. In other words, we were in good company.

This was my first time at Wordstock, so I entered the event with no expectations. There were several guest speakers, booths for book sellers, book writers, and a ton of booths catering to those seeking to self-publish.

My favorite booth was for a place called Hedgebrook. Hedgebrook is a fully funded writer retreat for women. There is, of course, an application process and competition is steep. If you are lucky enough to be selected, you get to spend 2-6 weeks in one of their cabins with no agenda other than to write. Hedgebrook is located on Whidbey Island, and their office is in Seattle. To give you a better idea of just how cool Hedgebrook is, check out some of the women who are on the advisory council: Gloria Steinem (co-chair), Eve Ensler, and Sarah Waters. There are other names on the list, of course, but those are the ones that stick out for me. They also offer master classes that you can attend for a fee. You can find more information about Hedgebrook if you go to their website.

Needless to say, Hedgebrook was not sequestered to the Red Chair district. 🙂

My favorite part of the festival was the fabulous conversations. I love to talk about books and writing. And here’s the kicker, because we were in the Red Chair section, there was an automatic assumption that everything published by Bold Strokes is straight up porn. Now, that opens up some fabulous topics of conversation. And it surprised a lot of people to see that we also offer a variety of other books, including Young Adult (about as far from porn as a girl can get).

While we were there, I was interviewed by Mainstreamed Media. I haven’t seen the interview pop up on their site yet, but I expect to be embarrassed by it soon.

Here are some pictures of us hanging out and looking cool at Wordstock:

Jove taking a picture while driving.
Not a safe practice. Don’t try this at home.

First, this is me driving to meet Karis. We were meeting so we could carpool to the convention center. Since we’d never met, I sent her this picture. Check out my sexy cool jacket. I borrowed it from my wife, Tara.






David Holly, Jove Belle, and Karis Walsh at Wordstock 2012
Picture provided by David Holly

Here we all are sitting at our table. Check out the ‘take the fucking picture already’ smile on my face.








Jove signing a book.
Karis hanging out looking cool.
Picture provided by David Holly

Here I am signing a book. Or rather, I just finished signing a book and I’m getting ready to sign another.








She Bop

And, just for good measure, here is a picture of our neighbor, She Bop.








David, Karis, and I had a fabulous time together and plan to get together for other events in the future. Look out, Portland!


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