Hootenanny, The Second

I hope y’all are ready, because the holidays are right around the corner. We here at Women and Words are gearing up, and I gotta tell ya, we have some fabulousness planned for you.

A couple of years ago, we hosted a Holiday Hootenanny. A hootenanny, for those who are unfamiliar, is a good old fashioned get together full of singing, dancing, and good times. Since we’re spread all over the planet, we decided to put a lesbian fiction twist on it, thus making it even more fabulous.

During the 12 days leading up to Christmas in 2010, we gave away over 50 books from a whole slew of amazing and generous writers. Check out the list of authors here: Holiday Hootenanny 2010. Now, you’re probably asking yourself right about now what happened to 2011? After all, 2010 was a full two years ago. Well, Andi and I both had some personal issues that kept us from dedicating the time and energy required to organize an event like this, but we’re both back and healthy and no longer in a state of crisis.

What’s the plan this time around? Pretty similar to the first one. We’re planning twelve days of giveaways, starting December 12 and ending December 23. We’ll post a list of authors and titles when we get closer to the beginning event. We’re still in the planning stages, gathering participants, that sort of thing. If you donated a book previously and would like to be included this time around, hit up me or Andi and we’ll work you into the rotation. If you won a book last time and are eager to play again, be a doll and tell your friends the Hootenanny is coming. Spread the word and spread the love.

More details to come. Are you excited yet?




  1. I just found this–would it be too late to sign up? My book just came out, I’m not sure if the print version will be out in time, but in any case I could offer an e-copy.


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