A Hodge-Podge of Fabulousness from Radclyffe, Including a Free Book or Five

by Radclyffe

So…I thought I updated this post on Friday with the information about the winners, but apparently I forgot to hit the very important UPDATE button. My sincere apologies. Here are the winners: Diedre, Michelle, Jo, Anita, and Cheyenne! Congratulations to all of you. Every one else, keep coming back, because we LOVE to give away cool books here at Women and Words. There will be lots of opportunities to try again in the future.

Check out the coolness taking place at Women and Words today! Radclyffe, prolific author, editor, and publisher, released her latest novel, Crossroads, this month. It is available now from Bold Strokes Books. To celebrate, we’re doing all manner of fabulous things, including a guest blog, a trivia question and answer session, and she’s giving away FIVE books.

Before we talk more about the book giveaway (because HELLO! Five books! Who doesn’t want to talk more about that?), indulge me for a moment. I’d like to introduce you to Radclyffe as I know her.

First, the press op bits. Radclyffe is an award winning author, and Crossroads is, if I counted correctly, her 42nd novel. Wowza. In addition to the novels, she’s edited several anthologies (seventeen to my count). And, since that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she runs a publishing company called, Bold Strokes Books. She’s also won a whole slew of fancy awards.

Radclyffe is a fierce advocate of LBGTQ publishing. During a recent conversation with a fellow BSB author, she summed up Radclyffe very simply by saying, “She really cares about her authors.” That sounds like such a small thing, after all, that’s what we’re supposed to do as human beings, right? Care about one another. But what does that really mean? In my experience with Radclyffe, it means that she always responds to emails with sense of urgency. She sets deadlines for herself, and keeps them! She is quick with praise, and realistic and kind with tougher messages. She is generous with her time and resources (thus the five book giveaway instead of one today). She is relentless and driven, constantly working to expand the market for lesbian fiction.

There are many lesbian authors who can be cited for making tremendous contributions to our community (For example, I talked a little about Lee Lynch a few weeks ago.), and I am so very grateful for each and every one of them. Radclyffe is the perfect triple threat. Yes, she is a writer. And an innovative one at that. But she has a vision so far beyond her own writing and we (authors of lesbian fiction) benefit. She’s not satisfied with writing a staggering number of books. She also wants to help others find a strong voice. Radclyffe has edited many anthologies because it is the perfect showcase to introduce one reader to several writers at one time. And, as the muscle to carry her vision, she opened a publishing company. She pushes hard for every single author in her care. Where the rest of us look around and say, “Lesbian fiction is a limited market.” Radclyffe looks around and says, “I think I’ll smash through that wall.” And then she does. It takes a completely different set of sensibilities to be a successful publisher compared to those needed to be a successful author and editor. Radclyffe has both and it’s a formidable combination.

And still, in the middle of her demanding schedule, she found time to put together a little guest blog for us today. Here ’tis. Information  about the book giveaway comes after.

Blogs and Why They Scare Me

by Radclyffe

Let me start by saying I am a fan of blogs–really. Blogs are a great form of social communication–we have a blog over at Bold Strokes Books where authors blog all the time, and I urge everyone to participate and cross-post and do as much social networking as time, family, and other commitments permit. I read blogs. I even write them–sometimes. But I am afraid of blogs.

When I think of blogs, I think of black holes–great swirling nebulae that swallow entire solar systems in the blink of an eye. All right, so maybe that’s extreme, but sometimes blogs can be as intimidating as those great dark voids–like when someone says, “Can you write a blog for Bloggerville?” Well, okay, but about what? See that’s what I find scary–writing blogs can become performance art, and THAT scares me. When I was five (in kindergarten) I remember very vividly that my teacher had scheduled a little event for our parents where all the kids would perform some little skit or activity or something. We were five–how much could we do? But the idea of performing in front of all these people (especially my mother !!!) terrified me. I hid under the piano and refused to come out for the entire event. My mother never let me forget that day.

Give a reading? No problem. Do an author chat, not an issue. Teach a workshop–I’m there. Speaking to an issue is easy, but imagining a topic out of the blue that other people might find worth reading in the midst of an incredibly busy day makes me head for the piano. I love to talk books and writing. Give me a question (please!) about writing or publishing, marketing or industry, and I’ll have an opinion (hopefully an informed one), and I guarantee to talk until your ears bleed.

My latest release, Crossroads (Nov 2012), is a medical romance featuring a high-risk OB-GYN and a midwife at professional and personal odds, who discover love is the perfect prescription to heal a broken heart.

Thanks for the chance to not-blog,
Book Giveaway! We decided to do things just a wee bit differently today. Since Radclyffe is very generously offering five titles (just wait and see what Radclyffe has up her sleeve for the Holiday Hootenanny in December! Wowza!), we are asking for a little bit more than just a message in the comment section (but please leave some love there as well). Below you’ll find five trivia questions. We’ll draw a winner from the correct answers for each question.
The rules: Please, DO NOT leave the answers in the comment box. Email the answers to jovebelle at gmail dot com. Today is Tuesday and I’ll do the drawing on Friday, so there is lots of time to enter. I’ll post the winners here, and I’ll also contact each winner via email.
Hint: All answers are available via the Bold Strokes Books website.
The prize: Winner’s choice of any Bold Strokes Books title. e-book or print. The books will be shipped from BSB headquarters, so they may or may not be signed based on author availability.
Trivia Questions
  1. What is the name of Radclyffe’s paranormal-writing alter ego?
  2. Sheltering Dunes is part of which series?
  3. In Crossroads, what is Dr. Hollis Monroe’s profession?
  4. What is Navy Captain Wes Masters’ job in Oath of Honor?
  5. Radclyffe won a Lambda Literary award for which of her romances?
All right, folks. That’s it for today. Good luck in the drawing, and as always, happy writing.


  1. Been meaning to sign up for this blog for a while. I’m a BIG fan of Andi’s, (hey, I’m missing KC, Sage and Chris–hint, hint…:) ) and of many other lesbian authors as well. I must admit that Radclyffe is one of my absolute favourites! Nice to see her here on this blog. I’m glad she feels strongly about LGBT publishing, because I really want to see independent lesbian books keep publishing. I’m totally addicted to lesbian novels and they are a great source of entertainment, relaxation and comfort to me.

    Now, let’s see if I can win those 5 books


  2. I’m wondering if there is a piano readily available in the office area! LOL! What a fun story, thanks for sharing and for all that you have done to break through the walls.


  3. Now if it had have been me at five, I would have been all over the performance. Baby of the family and a show off lol


  4. Radclyffe is my favorite author. It’s nice to hear about the writing as well as other things, like piano playing! Always ready for more. Great trivia too.


  5. Awesome opportunity! I’ve read everything Radclyffe has available online, and my Amazon Christmas wish list has most of her works listed. Thanks so much…Peace.


  6. I have no idea how Radclyffe does everything she does. I met her last year at Women’s Week in P-Town, and she was so friendly and humble.


  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! BSB authors, contest, well pretty much everything! Thank you for the amazing work, excellent customer service, and heart warming stories.


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