Using the Holidays for Inspiration

So, did everyone survive Thanksgiving all right? Have you recovered from your tryptophan-laden meal?  Thanksgiving  is essentially the one day of the year when it is sanctioned—expected, even—to eat as much as you possibly can and go back for more. At the end of the day, all you see around you is slumped bodies, belts hanging open, and groans of agony. Oh, the humanity! And, yet, we do it again and again every year.

If you survive that (and we always do), start taking in the holiday atmosphere to inspire you for new stories. Holiday anthologies and magazine issues pop up every year, and it’s a great opportunity to try a theme. It would be too late to submit anything for the current year, but it’s the perfect time to get something together for next year’s batch of holiday collections.

What do you like about the holiday season? The lights? The decorations? The trees? The menorahs? Or do you get your jollies from engaging in (gasp!) Black Friday? (Bless your heart if you do.)

Some people hate the holidays or just get really stressed out by them (I have a love-hate relationship with the holidays, myself). But those emotions can be inspiring, too. Look how many movies have been made around the stupidness that comes with the holidays. Turn that negativity into a story. It can be (in the end) uplifting, funny, or (why not?) dark and disturbing.

Allow it be whatever it wants to be, just let yourself be inspired, and open yourself up to the possibilities. Enjoy the holidays (or not)!

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  1. I’m one of those who is so not into the holidays. Ah, well. What helps ME is actually writing fun romantic stories about the holidays. Because, see, then I can make the holidays something cool and groovy, even if it’s all in my imagination. I’m thinking about doing that again this year, actually. Anybody else into writing short fiction about the holidays to avoid dealing with the holidays? LOL


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