Still More Friday Fun Stuff!

Hi, kids!

Well, Jove and I are getting coolness prepared for you n’ yours. Next week, we’ll announce the list of authors and titles in the 2012 Freakin’ Awesome Hootenanny. We’re starting on the 12th this year, and then it’s just you, the merry elves, and a massive extravaganza of BOOKS. Don’t worry. We’ll give you the scoop next week, so you won’t have to freak out wondering WTH we’re doing or what you need to do. The Hootenanny is our way of showing you some LUUUUV for participating in the Women and Words community (even if it’s just stopping by to read now and again). And it’s our way of showing our LUUUUUV for the myriad authors who help make up this community. So stay tuned for the list of awesome-ness.

In the meantime, have some fun stuff.

Again, I must pimp to you Jenny Lawson, also known as The Bloggess. Do yourself a favor and stop depriving yourself of her. And do yourself another favor and buy her book. Jenny also does awesome-ness at the holidays, whereupon she and her fab community raise money to help others. Holla.

This Gina Ranalli book, Rumors of My Death. It’s about a woman who has a really bad day (includes breaking up with her girlfriend). It’s so bad, she hires a guy to kill her but he screws it up. Then the ghost of her dead canary starts haunting her, but with a Spanish accent. What else can possibly go wrong for her? Oh, god. Not the Chuck Taylors. Please… Anyway, I met Gina on Facebook. Full disclosure. She has “buddy” status in my writing life (and I interviewed her HERE). Gina writes horror with a sly, deft, and wonderfully twisted wit. It’s not horror in the classic sense, though she does come up with some pretty freaky monsters. It’s as if B-Movie monsters went drinking at a goth bar before they ravaged Tokyo. If you’re not familiar with her work, start with this, and read outside the box, baby. And you can find Gina here. Sometimes she likes being found., which is the writing site of Sunny Haralson. Her description in the upper left-hand corner of her blog should demonstrate why I like it. And will probably tell you a bit about me, unfortunately, and the things that amuse me. Read this. I mean, how can you not want to read something titled, “White Woman seeks Stock Car Driver for a Ride out of the Apocalypse”?

Are you a parent? Here. Funny blogs for you. And another. Thank me later, after the kids grow up. Or you enter your second childhood (unless you never left the first). Whichever comes first.

If you haven’t enjoyed Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, WHY NOT? Whenever I need a giggle, I go to their Reviews section, click on the “F” reviews, and have at. Currently, there are a couple of reviews of books written by Fabio (that is, Fabio wrote the books. Not the reviews). Yes, you read that right. Fabio. Go see. It’s a smart, snarky, silly, awesome look at the romance genre.

And here’s a glass of awesome. I found Lisa Creech Bledsoe on The Bloggess. She’d left a comment and the comment generator automatically says what blog that person recently wrote. Bledsoe is a competitive boxer and writer. I mean, that is the bestest combo EV-AH. Like peanut butter and chocolate, only with super ninja reflexes and mouthguards. You can find her writing self here. Check the first link for her boxing blog.

And now, for the obligatory video on Friday Fun Stuff. Wanda Sykes on karma and freebasing. Because of course, those two are related (there’s a swear word in here, so be aware if you’re at work):


You’re welcome.

Happy Friday, all!


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    I don’t know how I missed this in November. Is it too late to contribute a book to the Hootenanny? I can give away a signed copy of my Gothic Historical Romance, CASTLE OF DARK SHADOWS. Let me know.



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