Hootenanny 2012 List of Authors!

OMG. Are you freaking serious? THIS is the list of authors in the 2012 Hootenanny? Oh, lordie, I do believe I have a case of the VAY-pahs overcomin’ me. I must step outside for some AIR. Be right back.

Whew. Okay. First, the info on how this here Hootenanny works.

As you can see, we’ve scheduled different authors for different days. We’ll be posting a blog EACH DAY for 12 DAYS with that day’s featured authors/books BEGINNING WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12. If you’d like to be entered in a drawing for that day, leave a comment on that blog (don’t worry, we’ll include instructions every time). When you fill out the comment form (name, email), make sure you provide an email address. Have no fear. That address is not visible publicly, but we need to have it so the elves can contact you. Do NOT put your email in the body of the comment. We are trying to save you from creepy anti-holiday spambots.

At the end of each day–10 PM EST–we’ll put the names for that day in a hat/bowl/old produce box/pointy-toe cowboy boot/empty beer keg (oh, those elves!) or whatever’s handy and we’ll draw our winners. And yes, you are free to enter other drawings throughout the 12 days if you so desire. Call me crazy, but I’m thinkin’ you’ll be doing that! 🙂

Note: We kindly ask that authors whose work is featured on a particular day not participate in that day’s giveaway. That prevents you from winning your own book (which would be kinda weird, don’t you think?).

And we apologize, but you can’t sign up for specific books. We decided that would be majorly confusing and we would prefer to have fun and not perplexity. So if we draw your name third, for example, you’re matched with whatever book is numbered three on the blog list. It’s a veritable grab-bag of fun and grooviness, thus. Kind of like door prizes masquerading as books. You’ll notice, too, that some authors are offering “Winner’s Choice.” That means YOU, the winner, get to choose a title by that author that you’d like.

And you’ll notice that Bold Strokes Books is giving away a book each day (one in the form of a Radclyffe winner’s choice). That means you, the winner, choose any BSB title you want. We here at Women and Words extend a huge THANK YOU to Radclyffe, who offered this seriously delish addition to the Hootenanny.

And make note that a couple of titles are ebook only. We have indicated that next to the titles that are in that format. Unless indicated otherwise, all titles are print (not ebook).

Remember, some of these drawings are on a weekend. So check in via your ever-present mobile devices and get signed up! YEAH!

All rightie!

BEHOLD! The list of authors who have so graciously and generously donated books to help us celebrate the holiday season here at Women and Words! Do you not feel overcome by a case of the VAY-pahs? Are you not swooning with the sheer amazing-ness of this list? Do you not think that it’s a giant and especially awesome sparklepony of complete and utter reading bliss? Take some time to catch your breath. We know. We’ve had to step outside a few times ourselves.

Andrea Bramhall – Ladyfish
Carrie Carr – Heart’s Resolve
Laurie Salzler – winner’s choice of either Kiss Before Dawn or Right Out of Nowhere (available 2/2013)
Chris Paynter — winner’s choice, Playing for First, Come Back to Me, Two for the Show or Survived by Her Longtime Companion
Clifford Henderson – Romantic Interludes 2
L.T. Marie – Three Days
Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK)

Jove Belle – winner’s choice
Roselle Graskey – Life’s Little Edge
Rachel Spangler – LoveLife
Cheyne Curry – Clandestine
Kristin Marra – Wind and Bones
Carsen Taite – Beyond Innocence
Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK)

Ashley Bartlett – Dirty Sex
Anne Laughlin – Runaway
Roselle Graskey – October Echoes
Cathy Rowlands – Jacob’s War
Kate McLachlan – Rip Van Dyke
Val McDermid — The Retribution
Barrett – Damaged in Service
Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK)

Lynn Ames – winner’s choice (the merry elves are really digging Lynn’s thrillers. Hint hint)
Kim Baldwin – winner’s choice of Missing Lynx, Dying to live, or Demons are Forever
Amy Dawson-Robertson – Scapegoat
Lynette Mae – Tactical Pursuits
Val McDermid – Vanishing Point
Kate McLachlan — Rescue at Inspiration Point
Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK)

Georgia Beers – winner’s choice of 96 Hours, Slices of Life, or Starting from Scratch
Lee Lynch – The Swashbuckler
K.G. MacGregor – Playing with Fuego
Jove Belle – winner’s choice
Rebekah Weatherspoon – The Fling
Meghan O’Brien — winner’s choice: Battle Scars, The Night Off, Thirteen Hours, The Three, Wild EBOOK ONLY
Sacchi Green – Girl Fever
Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK)

Kathleen Wheeler – Changing Shape
DeJay – Redemption (2 copies, separate winners)
Clifford Henderson – Spanking New
Q. Kelly – winner’s choice, EBOOK ONLY
Jill Malone – Red Audrey and the Roping
Stevie Carroll – A Series of Ordinary Adventures
Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice

Baxter Clare – Bleeding Out
Ellen Hart – Rest for the Wicked
Lori Lake – A Very Public Eye
Andi Marquette – winner’s choice of Land of Entrapment, State of Denial, or The Ties that Bind
Kate McLachlan – Hearts, Dead and Alive
Jean Redmann – Ill Will
Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK)

Mari SanGiovanni – Camptown Ladies
Joan Opyr – Shaken and Stirred
Fay Jacobs – winner’s choice, As I Lay Frying, For Frying Out Loud, or Fried and True
Robin Whitley – In a Southern Closet
Jill Malone – Field Guide to Deception
Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK)

Connie Wilkins – Heiresses of Russ 2012 (year’s best lesbian speculative fiction)
Natania Barron – Pilgrim of the Sky
Andi Marquette – winner’s choice, Friends in High Places or A Matter of Blood
D. Jordan Redhawk – Orphan Maker
Katherine V. Forrest – Daughters of a Coral Dawn
Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK)

DAY 10
Nell Stark and Trinity Tam – winner’s choice, Everafter, Nevermore, Nightrise, or Sunfall
R.G. Emanuelle – Twice Bitten [available 2/2013]
Winter Pennington – Darkness Embraced
Gina Ranalli – Rumors of My Death
Yvonne Heidt — Sometime Yesterday
Patty Henderson – Castle of Dark Shadows
Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK)

DAY 11
Colette Moody – The Seduction of Moxie
Shelley Thrasher – The Storm
Carrie Carr – Heart’s Resolve
Larkin Rose – Kiss the Rain
Barbara Winkes – Autumn Leaves
DeJay – Strangers (2 copies)
Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK)

DAY 12
Lee Lynch – That Old Studebaker
Sally Bellerose – The Girls Club
Renée Bess – Butterfly Moments
Katherine V. Forrest – Emergence of Green
Marianne Martin – Legacy of Love
Radclyffe — winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK)


  1. Thank you Andi, Women and Words and Bold Strokes Books. A special thanks to our wonderful authors that keep us readers entertained. Thanks for sharing your gift and hard work with us.


  2. This is awesome…. will definitely be keeping an eye out for it…thanks to all for their time and books!


  3. What a great list of books and authors! Looking forward to this. Thank you to the authors and publishers and of course Women and Words for hosting this hootenanny!


  4. Andi, this is fantastic, what a list of authors, However I have a question, can overseas folks participate, I ask as the costs of shipping from the US to Europe is a lot more than internal US mail charges. While I think it is great of the authors to give there books, and while it may not be unreasonable vis-a-vie US internal, are the authors aware of the potential increase costs of there wonderful offer. Sorry if I may be spoiling the party, with this comment, forearmed is forewarned.


    • We had overseas readers participate in the 2010 Hootenanny, and we’ve got overseas authors listed this year who put up books. So it seems kinda lame not to allow overseas readers to participate! Jove and I decided that we’d get it figured out and work with the authors if necessary, though in 2010, authors didn’t have an issue shipping overseas. If you do slow boat to China rates on overseas shipping, it’s around $5-$7 US. It takes a week or so, but it’s doable in terms of cost. So there you go. Participate!


      • I agree. The rates are not terrible. Especially since most authors are donating one book. Some two. I think Radclyffe is the only one on the hook for 12 (because she’s awesome enough to pull that off). And if we have a situation where the shipping costs are simply too much to absorb, there’s always the possibility of digital. I know BSB is open to that option if need be.


      • I took part in 2010 and won, however I did not receive the book I won, and while I don’t know why it wasn’t shipped, cost may have been a reason, and I only wanted to make folks aware, that extra costs are involved. Please don’t ask me who the author was, the past is past.


    • Now THAT ain’t right. Could it be possible that the book was shipped but was lost in transit? I generally alert readers as to when I ship so they can keep an eye out. I’m really sorry to hear that things didn’t work out. And authors, please let me or Jove know if you have some kind of issue shipping overseas. We’ll get it figured out. It’s not that scary to drop us a line. For reals.


      • Without doubt lost in transit is possible. My original comment, was more an alert, that costs are higher, the last books I have had shipped from the US have averaged $10-12, and it is I think only fair to have this outlined, even if I have been rather convoluted and saying so. Such an additional cost might not be within the means of some.


  5. Again, Jove and I will coordinate with authors who have to ship overseas and are concerned about costs. We’ll get something figured out so that the winner receives the book in some format. The last time I shipped a book to Australia, for example, was last year and it cost me $13 US. The last time I shipped a book to the UK was also last year and that cost me $6. So yes, we are aware that there is an extra cost involved in shipping a print book overseas. It’s roughly the cost of purchasing a print book or an ebook. As an aside, it costs $5-$7 to send a book priority mail domestically, and authors do that quite a bit. So the cost of shipping books is something many of us factor into our writing lives and budgets.

    Given that lesfic has lots of readers overseas, I’m not comfortable leaving those readers out of this event. Nor am I comfortable leaving overseas authors out of this event. Both Jove and I are aware of the cost of shipping and we will do what we can to get these books to readers who are overseas. Come hell or high water, the merry elves will do their very best to assist any author who asks us for it.

    Okay, authors? Just drop us a line! There’s a contact page right here on Women and Words (did you see it? It’s right up there, at the top). And when we alert authors who do have overseas winners, we will make sure to ask them if they need some help with getting those books across the pond. Both Jove and I have figured that in to this Hootenanny thing, if it comes up with an author.

    Fair enough?


    • Hi Andi!
      Should people who can’t get books mailed too them (I live in the US, but long story short I can’t get books in the mail) not enter or will it be possible to enter only for ebooks?
      Sorry to bother you, you clearly already have lots of people asking questions!


  6. I am appreciative that reading my friend, Laurie Salzler’s book, has gotten me back into reading again!


  7. I would like to put some of my books in this giveaway thing, but I’ve only just got back from a month away from home and so dunno if i’m too late for it.


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