DAY 5 of the 12-Day Holiday Hootenanny, 2012!

WE HAVE WINNERS! WOO HOO! The name of each winner is posted below, next to the author whose work they’ve won. Thanks for playing today, folks, and come back tomorrow for Day 6!

HI! Welcome to the Hootenanny. Please check the winners’ lists on the previous days. If your name appears as a winner, and you haven’t heard from me (Andi) or Jove, please check your spam filters or drop us a line via the contact page here. Jove and I email the winners within 30 minutes or so of the drawing, and chances are our emails may have gotten sucked into your spam filters if you’ve won and haven’t heard from us. THANKS!

And another reminder: if you are an author whose book is featured today, please don’t sign up for the drawing. Cuz it would be kinda weird to win your own book. 🙂


We’ve got a house party up in here, people. The caroling is out of hand, and I am not EVEN going to print the lyrics some of the elves are bellowing out the window. Good thing the neighbors are into good cheer, too. Otherwise, it could get dicey. Or, worse, quiet and boring, and THAT IS NOT AT ALL WHAT A HOOTENANNY IS ABOUT, my friends. This is about BOOKS and giveaways galore! We want to spread holiday cheer and book luuuv to you and yours. And holy reindeer, Santa, but we are not even halfway through. Thanks to the authors (both indie and traditionally published) and to BSB for their generosity at Women and Words. So grab your hot chocolate/hot toddy/coffee/egg nog/special beverage and join us for Day 5. Because we ain’t stoppin’. Oh, no. And before I bust out into a bad 80s song, here’re the instructions.

Today’s offerings are listed below, in the order they’ll be given away. So the first name we draw will win Georgia Beers’s book, the second will win Lee Lynch’s book, and so on.

To enter today’s drawing, leave a comment on this blog entry. Include your email address at the comment prompt (it won’t be seen publicly). To avoid spam-bots, don’t include your email in the body of your comment. You have until 10 PM EST US (handy world clock link) to enter. At that point, we’re doing the drawing and we’ll post the winners here, on the Day 5 entry.

Go forth and prosper.

Georgia Beers, winner’s choice of 96 Hours (Bywater Books), Slices of Life (Brisk Press), or Starting from Scratch (Brisk Press) WINNER — KATE CHRISTIE

Georgia’s back. Here, she weaves a series of short stories together to create a rich tapestry of lesbian lives that intersect. You never know what the people you pass might be carrying. Love, life, and learning. Each of these stories is a slice of life that might just hit you in the heart. Choose this one or one of the two other choices listed above.

Lee Lynch, The Swashbuckler (available through Bold Strokes) WINNER — DONNA S

Do I really need to introduce Lee Lynch, one of the stalwart trailblazers in lesbian fiction who is still writing today? Do I really need to say that? I thought not. Here, in the classic tale of Frenchy Tonneau, you’ll see life through her eyes in NYC and P-Town in the 1960s and 1970s, and find the connections between lesbian lives then and now. Here it is. Heartbreaks, heartaches, heartwarming. This, my friends, is part of the infrastructure of modern lesbian literature. Do NOT leave home without it.

K.G. MacGregor, Playing with Fuego (Bella Books) WINNER — CHEYENNE

Daphne Maddox passed up a sweet corporate job in Boston to follow the love of her life to Miami. Three years later, that love is gone and Daphne’s struggling as a coordinator for a non-profit building company. Maribel Tirado León’s anger issues have put her in volunteer service at Daphne’s jobsite, and their shared misery draws them together. Maribel, however, moves in entirely different circles. Maybe Daphne should be asking a few more questions, but instead, her heart leads her on and she just might find herself playing with more than fire.

Jove Belle, winner’s choice: Indelible, Chaps, Split the Aces, Edge of Night (Bold Strokes) WINNER — DEBBIE PITTMAN

Eden Metcalf hits the road on her bike, trying to leave a troubled past and just plain trouble behind. A breakdown on an Idaho road brings her into the circle of rancher Brandi Cornwell, who’s struggling not to lose the family farm. She’s drawn to Eden, but she senses her inner turmoil, so she keeps her feelings under wraps while Eden tries to get her bike back in working order so she can continue on. But Eden might be looking for something else, now, and that something might be Brandi. Can she truly leave her past behind? Or will it catch up with her and put Brandi in danger? If you pick this one, you’ll find out. [Or choose one of Jove’s other titles listed above!]

Rebekah Weatherspoon, The Fling (Bold Strokes) WINNER — PARIS

Reality show producer Annie Collins is going to marry her college sweetheart in three months. But before that event, she ends up in the arms of her trainer, Oksana Gorinkov, and it unleashes a torrent of desire Annie can no longer bury. It was supposed to be a one-night stand, but it stretches into a month-long affair and neither woman can ignore the root of this passion. Can they truly be together over the objections of Annie’s friends and family and pressure from Oksana’s ex?

Meghan O’Brien — winner’s choice: Battle Scars, The Night Off, Thirteen Hours, The Three, Wild (all the choices are EBOOK ONLY; Bold Strokes) WINNER — KAY (auntkay)

Dana Watts is a workaholic. No women, no life, just work. Even on her birthday. But then Dana is interrupted by a strip-o-gram in the form of Laurel, ordered by one of Dana’s colleagues. Laurel’s putting herself through college with this work on the side, and she’s never had such an ungrateful client. Infuriated and embarrassed, Dana escorts Laurel to the elevator, only to end up stuck with her for thirteen hours. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn a thing or two about each other. [And don’t forget, this is just one of Meghan’s books that she’s put up for your reading pleasure. Pick from the list above!]

Sacchi Green, Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians (Cleis Press) WINNER — ALLIE

Whew. Is it getting hot in here? Or is it just me? Sacchi’s back with yet another collection of smokin’ stories for your reading and — ahem — other pleasure. This is short fiction at its slammin’ erotic best. Sex in planes, on trains, in cars. How about roller coasters and carnival rides? Ferries? Check. This collection and its authors have you covered. Fasten your seatbelts. I guarantee it’s going to be a bumpy and steamy ride.

Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK) WINNER — A THORPE
ANY book on the BSB list, friends, is yours. Hit the link and start browsing the catalogue!


  1. Yeeaahhh I love Georgia Beers! This whole thing is great though. I am being exposed to other authors for more reading!!! Thank you for doing this!!!


  2. excellent…but not a time for my email not to work….lol or maybe I just haven’t been lucky enough to have my name drawn….yepp more likely the latter!


  3. WOW! What a lineup today. Would love to get any of these books from some wonderful authors. Please pick me. Please pick me. Please!


  4. This looks like a great list of books, a couple that I haven’t read. I need to place them on my list to read. Consider me in.


  5. Day 5….Wow, some really good books in today’s group.
    Lee Lynch’s “The Swsshbuckler” was the very first lesbian fiction I ever resd. That was about 20 plus years ago…still remember the story and I’ve been a fan from that day on.
    Meghan O’Brien’s selection of stories is also ones I’d recommend….win or not… they’re.worth the read.
    Good Luck to all!


  6. Oh man. I read the online version of “Thirteen Hours” years ago and it was amazing so I’m sure the book will be awesome!


  7. Donna you are so right, I won yesterday too which never happens. So thanks to all they BSB authors who have donated to my Christmas gift:)


  8. Just for further clarification: It’s not just BSB authors, y’all. You’ll notice that the publishers next to the titles we list make up a wide variety. And some of the authors are indie. So though we do appreciate that BSB has donated a book a day, and that BSB authors are participating, tons of non-BSB authors have also contributed books to the Women and Words Hootenanny. And for that, we are ever so grateful!


  9. Awesome books. Can’t wait to win. I’m sure I will (fingers crossed— I hope I hope I hope) Thanks for the opportunity.


  10. I would be happy to win any of these wonderful novels, I’m so glad Rebekah linked me to your site.

    Count me in for the running!, and best of luck to everyone.


  11. I love to read a good book and then when I finish it I like to let a good friend read it so we can both enjoy the story = )


  12. Only read authors from BSB in the past. So nice to be introduced to soooo many more!! Thanks for all youy do.


  13. Sounds like a great party. Sorry I missed the first few days. And thanks to the publishers and authors!


  14. What a wonderful hootenanny. Thanks for letting us join in the fun. The reindeer games under the mirror ball with disco music keeping the beat have been a blast. Who knew the hokey pokey on top of a reindeer while doing the limbo to Donna Summers was even possible. 🙂


    • Hi, Pat–the drawing closes at 10 PM EST, US. We’ve included a world clock link above so you can determine what time that is if you’re not in the US. The time stamp on Women and Words is set to Pacific Standard Time, which means it’s 7 PM PST when we close the drawing.


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