DAY 9 of the 12-Day Holiday Hootenanny, 2012!

Woo! We got some winners up in here! Their names are posted next to their new book. I love the Holiday Hootenanny!


Hi, there! Starting today an hour early cuz we had to get Santa’s sleigh into the shop.

Every time a Women and Words merry elf sings “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” a tiny woodland fairy gets her wings. Fortunately for us, they all have pretty good voices, but even if they didn’t, who are we to stand in the way of wings and woodland fairies? Or even merry elves and Xmas carols?

Exactly. Shout-out to the generous authors and BSB for offering up a cornucopia o’ books for your holiday cheer, friends! Grab yerself some egg nog — PRANCER! Put that flask away! That’s the un-spiked nog! — and a cookie and join us for more merriment!

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer
had a lot of books in here!
So if you put your name down
we hope to hook you up, no fear!

Today’s offerings are listed below, in the order they’ll be given away. So the first name we draw will win Connie Wilkins’s book, the second will win Natania Barron’s book, and so on.

To enter today’s drawing, leave a comment on this blog entry. Include your email address at the comment prompt (it won’t be seen publicly). To avoid spam-bots, don’t include your email in the body of your comment. You have until 10 PM EST US (world clock link) to enter. At that point, we’re doing the drawing and we’ll post the winners here, on the Day 9 entry.

And authors, if you’re up today, you know the drill. Please don’t sign up for the drawing because it would be sort of un-holiday-ish if you won your own book. I mean, you’ve probably already read it. . . 🙂

Have fun and good luck!

Connie Wilkins, Heiresses of Russ 2012 (year’s best lesbian speculative fiction) [Lethe Press] WINNER – KAT WARDYLA

The fiction in this awesome anthology ranges from stories previously published in major anthologies to those in smaller, genre-driven ‘zines, by authors both new and old. Wilkins throws a spotlight on spec fic that may have been overlooked in the larger spec fic community. Hit the link above to find out more about this volume.

Natania Barron, Pilgrim of the Sky (Candlemark and Gleam) WINNER – KELLY MICHELLE R

Steampunk meets fantasy meets sci fi as Addie Madler searches for her missing beau and discovers that he’s alive, but no longer in this world. So begins her journeys across time and space, and if she ever wants to go home, she’ll have to face herself, in all her myriad forms. [click this link for more info]

Andi Marquette, winner’s choice of Friends in High Places or A Matter of Blood (Bedazzled Ink) WINNER – TIFFANY BERRY

Outlaw Torri Rendego can’t shake her past, in the form of her Academy bunkmate, Kai Tinsdale, an officer in the hated Coalition ranks. Torri thinks the Coalition is up to no good on the Tinsdale family holdings. Risking herself, her crew, and a tenuous tie to a shared history, Torri goes deep into Coalition territory to uncover a secret with far-reaching consequences for a distant and ancient culture. The stakes of this venture may prove way too high, even for a gambler like Torri. (Pick this one or the first, “Friends in High Places”)

D. Jordan Redhawk, Orphan Maker (Bella Books) WINNER – JOANNA PAYNE

From the author of the Sanguire series: In a world devastated by plague, a ragged group of newcomers seeks relief and protection in Lindsay Crossing. Marissa Loomis is wary of the newcomers; resources are scarce, after all. But they can’t be left to die. As the survivors try to work together to scavenge what they can from deserted cities, newcomer Gwen is torn between the man who saved her from starvation and Marissa, who represents reason in a world without.

Katherine V. Forrest, Daughters of a Coral Dawn (Bella Books) WINNER – CHEYENNE

Here it is, friends. The classic story of a group of women who create their own world after escaping an oppressive society. First published in 1984, it’s seen seven printings, including the 1994 10-year anniversary edition. Another standard for your lesbian fiction herstory shelves.

Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK) WINNER – ANGELA
ANY book on the BSB list, friends, is yours. Hit the link and start browsing the catalogue!


  1. Looks like I am the early bird this morn too. Thanks so much for this contest and have yourself a fantastic day! Yes, as you can tell, I’ve had my numerous cups of coffee already. hehe. 🙂


  2. and so I type once more…hoping that today my name will somehow make it to the hand that picks outr the winners…..good luck to all and to all a good night!…


  3. Count me in! Thanks to all the authors for participating! We’re having a great time. Good lick to everyone!


  4. Oh, please, me me me me me me! I want Heiresses of Russ! Print copy, ePub, PDF, scrawled in crayon on the wall….Pick me! Pick me!!!!!!

    Er, was that subtle enough?


  5. Oh wow – the Heiresses of Russ – yeah – ah – wait – Red’s Orphan Maker – yeah cool (pun intentional) – oh blimey – Matter of Blood – yeah pl…

    Oh hell – any of them, yes please


  6. Hoping for a book so I don’t have to go out and do anymore shopping!! Nothin’ better than staying in with a good book!!


  7. Wow, thanks for picking my name yesterday! My partner and I look forward to reading Camptown Ladies!

    Question: I know it’s ok for me to enter again (hey, what’s better than winning a book? Winning 2 books, of course! 🙂 ), but is it ok for my partner to enter as well?

    Salut, Liliane ! C’est bien que tu participes à ce concours. Tu nous écris de quelle ville ? Ma conjointe et moi, nous sommes à Montréal. Bonne chance !

    And with a tip o’ the hat to Rudolph:

    I am a lucky winner;
    My name got drawn on Day 8
    The more books I win, the better!
    I could win again by fate.

    All of the other winners
    Join me as we dance with glee!
    Rudolph, you butchy reindeer,
    Thanks for bringin’ books to me!

    Ducking and covering…


    • Question back at you: Is your partner a real living breathing human being? If yes, then absolutely she should enter!

      Yay for partners! I have one (she’s not a zombie either) and I think she’s pretty damn fabulous!


      • Yes, she is, indeed, very much a living, breathing human being, and a lovely one at that!

        Glad yours isn’t a zombie. And I am glad mine isn’t either. 🙂


  8. It will probably be the end of the world before I win a book — oh wait, that’s tomorrow! I am having lots of fun reading people’s comments and y’all’s responses.


  9. I wish Katherine V. Forrest would write a new one… I miss her….she was my first lesbian author.


  10. Thanks to Sally Bellerose and the Rainbow Reader for pointing me to more fun bibliophage blogspots! Happy Christmas!


  11. It is snowing here…..nothing better than a warm fire and good book. But only when the spectacular Hootenanny comes to an end. 🙂


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