DAY 10 of the 12-Day Holiday Hootenanny, 2012!

Woo! We have winners. I love this part of the night when I get to tell a bunch of strangers that they won some really cool books! Check for your name next to the books below. I’ll send out email notifications to the winners as well.

Have you thus far enjoyed yourselves in this veritable frenzy of book-givin’ luuuuuv? BECAUSE WE SURE HAVE. The house party has since spread to the roof (seriously, this ain’t no tiny reindeer tip-tapping above), and it just might be registering on the Richter Scale. The merry elves have been doing “Gangnam Style” around the chimney, while we’ve got reindeer in a Texas Hold ‘Em game by the decorations. What? What’s that?

Oh, of course! THANKS, authors (both indie and traditional) and BSB Publishing for donating a book a day for the sheer unadulterated FUNZY-TIMES we’re having here with all of you.

– ahem — la la la

(to the tune of “We Three Kings” for maximum effect)

We, the elves at Women and Words
Continue to give; we are all book nerds
This is day ten, for all of our friends
Visiting Women and Words…

oooohh-OOOOOOOH!!! Books of wonder!
Books so right!
Books with covers blazing bright!
Another day, another draw…ing…
Here at Women and Words!

Today’s offerings are listed below, in the order they’ll be given away. So the first name we draw will win one of Nell Stark’s/Trinity Tam’s books, the second will win R.G. Emanuelle’s book, and so on.

To enter today’s drawing, leave a comment on this blog entry. Include your email address at the comment prompt (it won’t be seen publicly. SRSLY. It won’t.). To avoid spam-bots, don’t include your email in the body of your comment. You have until 10 PM EST US (here. World clock link) to enter. At that point, we’re doing the drawing and we’ll post the winners here, on the Day 10 entry.

Have fun and good luck!

Nell Stark and Trinity Tam, winner’s choice of Everafter, Nevermore, Nightrise, or Sunfall (Bold Strokes) WINNER – LESLIE WARD

That’s right! If we draw YOUR name, you win one of the books in Nell Stark’s and Trinity Tam’s vampire series. Everafter kicks us off with medical student Valentine Darrow. She’s bitten by a vampire on her way home to propose to her partner, Alexa Newland. But Valentine is consumed by her need now for human blood and her equally great need to bring her attacker to justice. Alexa wants to be everything Valentine needs, but Val’s appetite outgrows Alexa’s ability to nourish her, and she must risk her life to save Val. [pick this one or one of the others listed above!]

R.G. Emanuelle, Twice Bitten (Regal Crest) WINNER – LYNN GLOVER

Fiona lost her mortality unwillingly to a woman she once loved. Now she wanders through the decades, a vampire in search of a soulmate. After 200 years, she thinks she’s found her, in an upper-class family in New York City at the turn of the 20th century. Her name is Rose, and if only she will come to her willingly, Fiona will have her eternal companion. But Rose loves another, so Fiona sets in motion a twisted scheme that involves the woman Rose loves and a betrayal that will lead Rose into transformation. Will Rose be able to escape the vampire’s clutches? Or will she be doomed, bound to her forever? This is R.G.’s debut, y’all. Congrats, R.G.!

Winter Pennington, Darkness Embraced (Bold Strokes) WINNER – KJ HURST

Epiphany was born a vampire two hundred years ago, sired by Renata, Queen of the Rosso Lussuria. Epiphany is a willing pet to Renata, until she’s cast from the Queen’s bed and loses her protection from the Elder vampires. So she strives to stay inconspicuous, until Renata calls her forth to face challenges that could elevate her status. But she learns an old enemy lurks, amidst vampire politics and ambitions, and in order to save what she still holds dear, she may have to forge an alliance with even darker forces.

Gina Ranalli, Rumors of My Death (Belfire) WINNER – ANITA FURLONG

Elizabeth Michelle Aster is having a bad day.She set fire to her kitchen, accidentally killed her canary, and lost her job AND her girlfriend. No wonder people call her Diz-Aster. It couldn’t get any worse. Could it? It can. She hires a guy to murder her, but he botches the job. More than once. And now the ghost of her dead canary is haunting her, and talking to her with a Spanish accent. The mysterious new woman in her life is definitely not what she seems. It can’t get much worse. . .can it?

Yvonne Heidt, Sometime Yesterday (Bold Strokes) WINNER – AEMR1313

Artist Natalie Chambers buys a Victorian house overlooking the Pacific after her divorce and her dreams are soon haunted by Sara and Beth, two lovers from the past, and the Dark Man who controlled their lives. The locals only tell her that several previous owners fled the house before her. Natalie’s determined to stay, so she hires Van Easton to refurbish the gardens, and Van finds herself drawn to Natalie, though she refuses to believe in hauntings. Until the Dark Man follows her home. . .

Patty G. Henderson, Castle of Dark Shadows (Indie Author) WINNER – AMISHA PATEL

In this Victorian gothic novel, Olivia Hampton takes a job cataloging Julian Dunraven’s extensive but disorganized library at the dark and menacing Dunraven Castle. There, she meets the beautiful Marion Dunraven, and is amazed at her growing feelings for her. But when frightening things begin to happen, Olivia realizes that she needs to escape the castle with Marion, before the Dunraven madness curses them all.

And just because Andi and R.G. Emanuelle were feeling festive (because nothing says HOLIDAYS like PIRATES!), they’re tossing in a copy of their edited anthology of women pirate stories, Skulls and Crossbones: Tales of Women Pirates (Bedazzled Ink) WINNER – JESSICA K

Here, you’ll find 20 tales of pirate-ing, in a variety of settings (historical, fantastical, futuristic, steampunkish, contemporary). Authors include Jove Belle, Andi Marquette, R.G. Emanuelle, Jane Fletcher, Victoria Oldham, Rod Santos, Trace Miller, Christine Rains, and many others. Sail, drive, or fly with traditional pirates, Vikings, space bandits, vampires, thieves, and women pushed to do things beyond the bounds of propriety.

Bold Strokes Books – winner’s choice (PRINT or EBOOK) WINNER – TERRY FOUNTAIN
ANY book on the BSB list, friends, is yours. Hit the link and start browsing the catalogue!


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  1. Count me in! Another day of hootenanny,what could be better? The world didn’t end and we can still win books!! Happy holidays and good luck everyone!


  2. After sitting here staring at the blank space for five minutes, I can’t think of a single wise-ass comment. Sorry. I will try to do better tomorrow!


  3. Oh, well… there’s always tomorrow or the next day… and if not… there’s always next year…. I think.


    • Yes, next year, and all year long, thanks to the guest authors’s generosity. I won one this year, and I sure hope to win some other in 2013! 😀


    • Lilaine is right, we host book giveaways all year long. Typically new releases. At this point, I think we’re planning to do another hootenanny for Christmas 2013, but this is a labor of love and sometimes life happens. That’s why we skipped a year between the first one and this one. Andi had some serious medical issues and my mom died and my sister’s three children moved in with me (they had been with my mom). As a result, neither of us had time to organize a hootenanny as it’s takes a lot of time to put together. We started working on it this year back in September.

      My point? If it’s possible, there will absolutely be a Hootenanny 2013 because we really like hanging out with the elves!


      • It is a labor of love, y’all. We did start working on this one a few months ago. And yeah, last year was just not happenin’ for a variety of reasons. So yes, it is possible that we’ll do a Hootenanny in 2013. 🙂


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