Where do you come up with this stuff? by Yvonne Heidt

bsb_the_awakening__53990Yvonne Heidt is a self-described wicca hippie who smokes, drinks and swears too much. Oh, and she’s also a writer! Her second novel was released this month from Bold Strokes Books. The Awakening: Book One of the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy is the story of Sunny Skye (no joke, Yvonne named her character Sunny Skye! It’s impossible not to love her just a little more for that!) and her team ghost hunters. I’d tell you more, but it’d be way more fun for y’all to just read the book. So, go on, go buy it and read it and love it. Both her books are available from Bold Strokes HERE.

Where do you come up with this stuff, Yvonne?

by Yvonne Heidt

It’s a question I’ve heard most of my life, from as far back as I can remember talking.  My mother would get that look on her face and ask me, where do you come up with this stuff?

For years, I couldn’t think of an answer to that question that would both satisfy my mom’s concerned curiosity, and vindicate me at the same time.

How come other kids couldn’t know what others were feeling or get flashes of their memories? How come they didn’t know instantly when someone was lying to them?

Yvonne in 6th grade
Yvonne in 6th grade

I am an insanely curious person. My favorite question is “why?” and when I ask it, I want to know the answer right now.  In the days before the internet and cable television, the only place to find answers was the library.  I could probably measure my time spent in them by years instead of days.

In my quest for knowledge, I did a stupid thing. I asked my peers what they thought about the paranormal. It was a very big mistake for the biggest girl in the sixth grade class. I was instantly ostracized and you can imagine the slurs. So, long story short – I learned the hard way how to never talk about that stuff again.

Flash forward to 2006 after the devastating loss of my adult daughter, Dezi. My life changed in an instant. The old rules of staying away from the paranormal no longer applied. I wanted and needed to connect with her spirit on the other side. It was as if the old floodgates opened. There came a series of events that led me to write my first book, Sometime Yesterday, published last August. It became imperative for me to believe that love never died, it continued on through the ages. That it was possible to communicate and interact with spirits who have crossed over.

Yvonne and her daughter, Dezi
Yvonne and her daughter, Dezi

Being the curious person, I researched everything paranormal that I could get my hands on. This time, however, I had all the tools of the internet and cable television.  I would like to add here, please be careful of misleading information. If the information doesn’t resonate with you, drop it like a hot potato!

The internet gave me a chance to connect with others like myself.  Finally – I was not weird or “sinful” as my (ex) church would have me believe.  I had another life changing experience when I connected with a very gifted psychic. Which, in turn, led me to watch every episode of Messages from Beyond, with Lisa Williams.

The idea for the Sisters of Spirits trilogy actually started a few years ago, while watching a marathon of Psychic Kids showing on the Bio channel.  I could relate to some of these kids; the misfits, the outcasts, because some of them appeared to be just like I was at that age. But- the difference for them was, at the end of each show, after that one eye-opening weekend, they made a connection to one or more child who was different and like them.me and dez 1

I thought how great it would have been if I had something like that when I was younger. Then I asked myself, what if I could write a book about what happens when they grow up? What if they kept that connection and kicked ass with it?

Throw in real and colorful characters from my past, a location that I spent twenty years living in, a dash of Ghost Adventures, and a ton of personal experience, stir it together, and I came up with The Sisters of Spirits trilogy. A story that is close to my heart.

Sunny Skye, along with her friends, Tiffany Curran, and Shade (don’t-ever-call-me-Lacey) Stewart, met during a documentary when they were eleven years old.  They kept their friendship and through the years, built a business together. They each bring a different set of psychic gifts to the table and together, they do paranormal investigations when called on.

Sunny is living a life that is very different than society would call normal. Jordan Lawson believes in evil that man commits and doesn’t believe in anything that she can’t see with her own two eyes.

So, when spiritualism and skepticism collide – who backs down first?

Oh, and by the way, the last time my mother asked me the question: “Where do you come up with this stuff Yvonne?”

I had a great answer!  “I don’t know, Mom. I make it up as I go along!”

Works for me.

Thank you so much Jove, for the invitation to guest blog here at Women and Words. I appreciate it!



  1. Great blog Yvonne–you already know how much I LOVE your stories & what fun it was meeting you and Sandy in Dallas. Keep writing. 🙂


  2. Great blog piece, Yvonne! I am enjoying “Sometime Yesterday” right now and look forward to picking up “The Awakening” soon.


  3. Yvonne I appreciate your willingness to share about what is still an uncomfortable subject for many people. Almost everyone has had experience with “that stuff”, or knows someone who has, but because these experiences can’t be quantified or labeled we tend at best to dismiss them, or at worst, mock them. I’m just about done writing the 6th Franco novel, in which my character must decide whether to acknowledge her extra-sensory abilities or sweep them under the carpet and try to live “normally”. It was a leap of faith for me to write this story and I might lose some readers along the way, but a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do! I ordered “Sometimes Yesterday” after reading about it somewhere – a post by Henrietta on FB? It should be showing up in my mailbox any day now and I can’t wait to get started on it. Thanks for paving the numinous way.


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