VLR Spot On with Pamela Lambros

The Virtual Living Room, or VLR, is a discussion group intended to give folks who love lesbian fiction a place to get together and chat. It’s an open forum discussion that gives members room to wander (and possible wonder). They also host Question and Answer sessions where they invite a special guest in for a week long conversation with members. This week their special guest is visual artist/photographer Pamela Lambros. If you’d like to check out some of Pam’s work, go HERE. She also creates book covers for author Lynne Ames.

Want to join in the discussion? And really, why wouldn’t you? Check out the VLR HERE. If you’re not already a member, it’s super easy to join. Check it out!


    • Baxter Clare Trautman-Thank you for your kind words and support! I’ve come to realize how blessed I am by all the wonderful support I receive from so many’-such as yourself! I hold a special place for all art and especially those that work so hard. especially writers in the LBGT genre. I am honored to be looked upon by this wonderful community of writers and artists. And at anytime I am willing to share my work with your community in hopes to enhance your projects and sales in way I possibly can… Best to you, Pam


  1. JOVE! I so appreciate you posting this……. Thank you! & Thank you, again! I am very honored by your efforts in support of my work and sharing the word. Namaste’, Pam


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