What Scares You?

What scares you?

Is it the strange knocking or scratching under your bed late at night? Perhaps it’s the cold spot that is right next to you in an otherwise warm room. Maybe it’s the footsteps heard on a floor in an empty corridor when you’re alone in the house.

Is it the low voices you can hear in the other room but can’t quite make out? Could it be the odd knocking sounds in the basement? Do you keep your closet door closed at night and your feet and hands well from the edges of the bed?

Can you walk into a room and know – just know – that something bad happened in it? Does the hair rise on the back of your neck and your skin chill to the bone?

Is it any – or all of these things that scare you?

Maybe it’s none of them.

Are you one of those brave spirits that go and check out the source? Or do you pull the covers over your head and pretend it’s your imagination even as you send up prayers for protection?

I don’t know what scares you – but I sure as heck know what scares me! I believe that our fears are as personal as our individual belief systems. I’m told that most people outgrow the notion that there are monsters in the closet.

Ha! Little do they know…

Welcome to Vonnie-land.

Sometime Yesterday
Sometime Yesterday

Last week I talked about being empathic. This week, I’m going to address another question that came up repeatedly about my first book, Sometime Yesterday: Why would Natalie stay in such an obviously haunted house?

The obvious answer is – I write fiction.

The answer behind the answer is actually a question. What if all the houses you lived in were haunted? What then?

How do you run from something that either follows you – and/or, is already in the new place that you’ve moved to?
Think about that for a second.

What do you do if the church you attend tells you that because you can see and feel these things – you are some form of a witch (which is a sin) or being taken over by some demonic force? No matter how good you are – how holy and righteous you can possibly be – there is something wrong with you.

Now, go see the movie – The Exorcist.; when you’re eleven years old. (Don’t blame my mother – I told her I was going to see Charlotte’s Web.)

Don’t laugh. In 1973, it was the scariest movie ever made to date – and no one will ever get me to watch it again to make fun of the pea-soup – EVER.

Is it any wonder that between the church and that movie – that I was scared of everything? *Shudders. I still can’t hear Tubular Bells without freaking the hell out. I guess my point is that my childhood religious beliefs were backed up so spectacularly by the movie. Personal fears color the way we look at the world. It has taken years to change my beliefs, get over the biblical dogma, and learn how to be spiritual and comfortable with who I am and my place in the world.

But, I digress. What was the question?

Oh yes. Why would anyone stay in a haunted house?

Personally, it’s never been about moving to one that wasn’t. ALL the houses I have lived in have been haunted in one form or another. I just deal differently with it now – without being paralyzed and petrified. Well, most of the time, anyway.

Write about what you know, right?

I want to scare you with my stories. I want the reader to get a little chill, maybe let out a nervous laugh – when they hear the refrigerator kick on in the kitchen. If I can make a reader question the banging pipes in the wall, the footsteps sounding in an empty hall – I have done my job as an author.

BUT – if I can help just one person who might have psychic gifts and gone through any religious persecution feel better about themselves and how they see the world?

I have fulfilled a purpose.

And that is very cool.

See you next week.


  1. Hi Yvonne,

    I’ve done exactly that…..Walked into a room and knew something was there. It was the only close experience I’ve had with the supernatural. A group of three of us went to meet with a potential investor for a business model we were trying start. Her house was very old near an inlet. As soon as we came into the parlor, a strange sensation went up and down my spine as if “something” were trying to make contact. It wasn’t exactly friendly. And it was a male presence. I could sense this presence all over the house and I got the impression it wanted us to leave. I could sense it, almost feel it, but not physically see it. It was in a way scary but exhilarating at the same time. Most people would not understand that, except people that are psychic or are drawn to the supernatural.

    So I started writing the Brenda Strange Supernatural Mysteries, published originally by Bella Books. I got a chance to explore my love for haunted houses (where Brenda Strange lives), the world of the supernatural, which is part of all the books, and mysteries.

    It’s nice to see more supernatural fiction being published and written in the lesbian community. Much success and longevity to you in the genre. Enjoyed your post.

    Patty G. Henderson


  2. I read “The Exorcist,” which was scary enough, so I didn’t see the movie. Since then, I’ve become friends w/ many who are psychic and some who are also mediums and have had a few encounters myself. I commend you for wanting to encourage those who are psychic but through religious upbringing need reinforcement. Keep those stories coming, Vonnie!


  3. I bought “The Exorcist” the day it came out in bookstores. That night I read the prologue. The next night I read the rest of the book. I saw the movie when it came out and I haven’t watched it all the way through since. I do not like being scared and knowing that book and movie was based on a true story scared the stuffing out of me. (Crazy and contradictory but I was 22 and thought I could handle anything.)
    I have never had the feelings you and Patty describe though I’ve been in buildings I’m told were haunted.
    I don’t envy you your gifts but I bless you for the way you handle what you’ve been given. It shows a strength of spirit that is to be admired and envied. The fact that you can make others feel comfortable with their gifts is a bonus.


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