Haunted Houses Part Two

Hello, last week I posted the first part of this haunted house blog. You can catch up with me: HERE.

To briefly recap: So far, we have animals that are freaking out, bangs, growls, poltergeist activity, huge undulating shadows, and ghosts that can communicate through the radio and move freaking washing machines!

After the radio announcement, as I said, it was every girl for herself.  My sisters and I were in a dilemma. In order to get away from the situation, we had to run past the washing machine that had just moved across the floor and back – while the radio was laughing at us. The terror that we felt was unparalleled to anything we had gone through before.

We looked at each other in disbelief.  The machine going one way was an unbalanced load – but moving back by command from the voice in the radio was bind boggling. I’m going to have to apologize to Cyndie here because I know that in my effort to get past her, I probably left scars. My poor step sister was younger, smaller,  and immediately relegated to the back of the line that was streaking like a bullet upstairs for safety.

SF House
SF House

No one wanted to go back downstairs after that.  I’m pretty sure that the terror we brought up with us was palpable, I know that my mother didn’t even try and convince us it didn’t happen, we could still hear the racket going on downstairs.

I think my dad talked with the owner about what was going on after our dog, Charlie died.  (I’ll note here that we got another dog who reacted in the same exact manner to the backyard and downstairs bedroom. She was terrified of it – and also died here.)

The owner finally told my parents the sad story.  She had a son in his early teens that fell off the back of a truck and died outside of the house.  His dog died of a broken heart two weeks later and was buried in the backyard.

Now, I don’t think that in and of itself was the cause of the haunting. It seemed much bigger than that. At the time, we didn’t think that a teenage boy would cause so much terror, or that a beloved pet would terrorize living animals.

We lived there for a two years. During that time, the entire family had severe personal and health problems and lost several pets. I moved out to stay with friends, I couldn’t bear to be there anymore. My sister also moved out, leaving the basement room empty. My younger brother didn’t want to live in it either.

The owner contacted my mother and told them she was cancelling the lease because she was moving back.  Even though it created financial hardship, I’m sure my on some level,  my mom and dad were relieved.

Three months or so later, my dad was reading the paper and they found the owner died of a heart attack – on the landing of the stairs. Where we would see the huge shadow figure late at night.


We didn’t think so.

My sister sent me a note last week after part one of this blog, and she had just been talking about this house to someone else. After thirty five years, we still talk about this house.

We still remember the cold terror we experienced while living there.

Now, I have a fanciful imagination and if it were just me – I might believe that time embellished the memory to something bigger than it actually was. But – if you get six adults with the same story – I have to validate it.

So, that’s the Noriega house story 🙂

I have more.

I’d like to thank Andi for sharing a story last week.

Would anyone else like to share?


  1. That’s wicked!! Seems like, and I believe it to be true, some people are like magnets and have spirits drawn to them. Scary side is this isn’t always a good thing.
    Would love to hear more.


  2. I saw the ghost of a nine year old blonde boy in the master bedroom of a B&B in Jerome AZ. I thought it was a real boy who was being allowed to wander around the Inn at night, and complained about it the next morning. The innkeeper told me there were no children staying there. The creepiest part was when my partner told me she saw the same boy the same night I did, only she woke up because someone had touched her cheek, and opened her eyes to this little boy. There’s more to it, but I’m saving it for a story. So, yeah, I now believe in ghosts. I never did before, and thought people who said they’d seen ghosts were making it up or hallucinating. I believe you 100%, and I’ll stay away from Noriega.


    • The house still stands in San Francisco – I wonder if anyone else who has rented it in the last thirty five years has stories? Mmmm. I find the children ghosts heartbreaking. Waiting now for your story!


      • You know, you could find out. If you go to the Recorders Office, you could find out all of the owners of that house and follow up with them, assuming you can locate them. It might make for an exciting story idea.


  3. Wow that was just too scary. All my “encounters” have been friendly. I’ve had the cold spots in a room, an aroma of roses and when Brett’s step-mom died her spirit came to KS and said goodbye to me and my oldest son. It was in the middle of the night. Brett was in AZ with her when she died. Travis and I woke up at the same time. I definitely believe in ghosts.


  4. Freaking scary. That gave me chills. Yikes.

    Here’s another story, Yvonne. Back in the 90s I was dating a woman in Denver. She owned a house in an older part of the city, in a historic neighborhood. The house had probably been built around the turn of the 20th century (right around 1905 or so). It had a huge front room and a big dining room, and then you walked into the kitchen. To get to the upstairs, you had to go into the kitchen, because the staircase to the upstairs was in the kitchen, along the back wall.

    Anyway, one night I was staying over (shut up! That’s what you do sometimes when you date! HELLO!) and it was probably about 1 in the morning and I kept hearing this weird noise from downstairs. It sounded like shuffling then footsteps. The woman I was dating had a roommate, so at first I thought it was just her getting home from work (she worked at a restaurant). But it kept going on and finally, my girlfriend at the time said it was one of the ghosts’ house parties. She had mentioned that she thought the house was haunted, and I was down with that, having had some ghostly experiences in the past, so I asked her what that meant, exactly, and she said that the ghosts were probably having a dance downstairs. It didn’t happen very often, she said, but sometimes, the shuffling and footsteps would go on for a while.

    I decided not to go see and instead listened and after a while, it did kind of sound like a dance. Shuffle shuffle step-step, STOMP shuffle shuffle shuffle step STOMP. It stopped around two. The thing about the ghosts at her house, they seemed to be friendly. Here’s another weird happening at her house. I was over another night (SHUT UP, all of you!). We had had our own little party earlier that night with a bunch of friends and somebody brought balloons so we had a bunch of balloons hanging around near the ceiling of the front room downstairs. We’d tied strings to them so we could get them down, eventually, but left them there after everybody went home. So we went upstairs to the bedroom area and a few minutes later, I thought I heard something downstairs. I figured the ghosts, too, wanted in on a house party, so I just kind of ignored it though you have to admit, it is kind of weird that ghosts have parties in a house where you are and you just kind of accept it and go about your business. I heard a noise in the kitchen, this time, and I thought, what the hell, I’ll just look down the stairs and see if I can see anything. So I was at the top of the stairs looking down and right away, I about flipped my shit because there, at the bottom of the stairs, was one of the balloons from the living room. As I watched, it slowly came up the freaking stairs, like somebody was holding onto the string, because it didn’t float to the ceiling. I don’t know how I managed to do this, but I backed up a few steps and stayed standing there. The balloon came almost to the top of the stairs and because I try to be polite to both living and dead, I said, “Hi. Hope we didn’t disturb you with our party.” And then the balloon went back down the stairs. I was so freaked out I raced into the bedroom. The next morning. I found the balloon in the front room, though its helium content had decreased. It was resting on the back of the couch.

    Another time, my girlfriend called me to tell me that the ghosts had played a practical joke on her the night before. She heard a noise in the kitchen, and thought it was her roommate getting home and after work, her roommate would usually make something to eat. So my girlfriend heard the water in the kitchen sink running, and she thought, oh, my roomie’s home. So her roomie’s cat raced downstairs because that’s what she did when mom got home and all but a few seconds later, it came back up the stairs, which was weird, because the cat always stayed downstairs with the roomie when she got home. So my GF said that she heard the water running again, and heard it fill a pan, it sounded like, and then it got dumped out in the sink. So she’s thinking, “why does she keep filling that pan and dumping it out?” It went on for about five minutes and finally she went down to check, and nobody was there. WHOA. She said she thought one of the ghosts was probably at the sink doing the joke and another one was at the bottom of the stairs, telling his/her companion, “oh, that’s good! She’s really scared now! Do it again!” Which was kind of funny.

    Anyway. That was seriously one of the most haunted houses I’d been to, but the cool thing was, the energy was really good and the ghosts seemed “happy.”


  5. I love haunted house stories and yours was good! Did any of the house ghosts follow you to your next home or did you leave them behind? Enjoyed Andi’s story also and agree that most spirits are friendly and as curious about you as you are about them.


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