Please Release Me (from my new release angst)

Hi, peeps. How are you? Good to hear.

As some of you may know, I’m going to release my latest novella this weekend, “From the Boots Up.” It’s a lesfic romance (so if you’re not into that, nothing to see here. Move along.) and I’ll be putting it onto Kindle. Here’s the cover, in case you wanted to see.

[cover by Melody Simmons]

UPDATE! It’s ready to go! Here’s the link to Kindle.

What’s it about? Well, there’s a synopsis HERE. And here’s the nutshell: May, 1999. Meg’s a college student helping her dad on the family ranch in Wyoming, which is both a working and dude ranch. He’s got a reporter coming in to do a story on the ranch, and they need the publicity. But the reporter initially assigned to the task can’t make it. Fortunately, there’s a replacement on the way. And that, my friends, is where the plot thickens. ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway. I’m usually really excited about my new releases, but I’m also completely freaked out because I have this dread that OMG it’s going to suck and it’ll make the worst-thing-ever lists and holy crap I’m losing my mind and maybe I should just not release it and instead write something else instead and OMG please somebody make me stop listening to Kitty Wells’ “Release Me” because I’m driving myself crazy.

Like that. And round and round we go.

Anyway, I know most (all?) authors go through this. “What? My manuscript has a driver’s license? No longer a learner’s permit? And it’s now going to get into a car and drive away? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? WHEN DID IT GROW UP? SOMEBODY GIVE ME THERAPY!”

That’s part of this writing thing, friends. The angst, issues, and craziness that go into creating a manuscript continues even after that manuscript packs its little manuscript bags for college. You hope it’ll call, let you know how it’s going. You hope nobody will be mean to it or make it feel bad or take advantage of it. You hope nobody will break its heart, or post its photo online and make fun of it. And you seriously hope that nobody sees it lying in an alley after some crazy party and posts THOSE photos. You hope all these things, but you know that you can’t prevent these things from happening, and you can’t prevent it from growing up or going out into the world. That’s what you worked for, after all. You worked very hard to prepare it for its journey into the world. You gave it the best possible upbringing, sent it to the right people to make sure you were doing the right things for it, and comforted it late at night when it felt icky because some of its scenes weren’t working.

And now, here you are. And there it is, standing at the door with its little manuscript bag, ready to go out into the world.

And I struggle with letting go. Because I’ve gotten to know this manuscript very well. Its quirks, its temperament, its characters. I’m going to miss this manuscript. I’m going to worry about it. I’m going to hope that it’s okay out there in the world.

But most of all, I’m going to hope that you, readers, find in it some of the fun and joy that I did. And if you do take it out to a party or dinner or something, tell it I said “hi.”

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy freakin’ FRIDAY!


  1. No fears, Andi, your books are always welcomed by your fans. I love your writing and can hardly wait for his weekend release.


  2. Exactly! I agree with Beth. Your writing is wonderful, and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read to date.
    As for your manuscript being all alone in the big, bad world…It won’t be starting this weekend, and we’ll take good care of it, reminding it to phone home. I’m sure it will graduate college with honors.


  3. I always look forward to reading your posts (they always give me a smile) and really look forward to reading the manuscript you have sent into the world for all to share in! Thanks and keep up the great work that you do.


  4. Will it ever be released as a printed manuscript, you know, for us older Kindleless types?


    • Sorry, Sally, no. This is strictly an ebook release at the moment. And it’s a novella, which doesn’t lend itself very well to a print format in that it’s not novel-length. That’s why most people, when they do novellas in print form, they combine them with another novella or some short stories to make a longer piece. Having said that, I may be able to work something out for you. So don’t worry. I am all about sharing the luuuuuv.


  5. Looking forward to this Andi, can you please make sure Amazon puts it across all there platforms so I can git it here in Germany, many thanks


  6. I promise you I will read it a cherish it forever.For me this is a gift. It,s telling me YOU are back healthy and strong. The happy zany and a little bit nutty person who writes wonderful books.


    • OMG, well, guess WHAT, Char? Book 3 of the Far Seek Chronicles is in editing with the publisher. We’re hoping that it’ll be ready for public consumption in May…

      WOOOOO! The fun. It does not end. For reals.


  7. This is good news. I have loved every book you have written. You are an amazing author. I love the depth you put into your plots and characters. Can’t wait to read this new story.


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