Check This Out – 3/9

The Liz McMullen Show – For episode fourteen of The Liz McMullen Show, Liz hosted author Isabella. She’s also giving away a free book. Check out her interview HERE.


Cocktail Hour Erica Lawson joined the fun for a Bar Rag on Cocktail Hour. Check that out HERE.


Lambda Literary – Did you see that Lambda Literary Foundation announced the finalists for the 25th annual awards. There are a lot of fabulous names on that list, but I have to point out a couple of people who are especially important to me. First, our very own Yvonne Heidt. I’m so damn pleased for her, and if you haven’t checked out her books, do it NOW! HERE! Second, the fabulous Cathy Rowlands. Cathy’s book, Jacob’s War, talks about the drug trade in America and how it’s impacting average, every day families. It’s an important subject. But more than that, Cathy is a fabulous human being who is endlessly supportive of lesbian fiction in general. She is my friend (and surrogate mom) and I love her. Check out her books HERE.

There are a ton of other authors listed whose writing I love and respect. Want to see the whole fabulous list of finalists form LLF? Go HERE.



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