Check This Out – 3/16

The Liz McMullen Show – On March 15, Liz hosted Women and Words’ very own Andi Marquette. Check out all that awesomeness HERE.


Cocktail Hour – March 13, Bar Rag with author Bev Prescott. Bev talks about how to stay motivated when it comes to health and nutrition. Check out her biceps, she definitely knows a thing or two. Listen to that episode HERE.

Step into the Wind by Bev Prescott
Cocktail Hour – March 11, Bar Rag Best of 2012. Want to vote on the best episode of 2012? Go HERE.
Cocktail Hour – March 10, Episode 61 with author Laurie Salzler. Check that out HERE.


Chatting with Sherri – Sherri Rabinowitz will be chatting with author D. Jordan Redhawk this coming Tuesday, March 19, at 1030am. No worries if you miss the podcast, because the show will be archived as well. Check that out HERE.


One last thing, if y’all know of a site that you think should be included in this Saturday update, let me know. Either fill out the “Contact” box up there at the top, or just leave a comment below. Thanks!


    • Yep, yep. Thanks for taking time to talk to authors and share with the rest of us. That’s a straight up labor of love and we all definitely appreciate it.


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