Check This Out – 3/23

The Liz McMullen Show Winner’s update from episodes fourteen and fifteen. Check out the love HERE.

Cocktail Hour – March 17, Flicks and Swizzle Sticks – Movies I Have Read featured four new movies, including Amélie (LOVE). Check that out HERE.
Cocktail Hour March 19, Bar Rag introduced a new feature on Cocktail Hour, The Barbell, hosted by Bev Prescott. Check that out HERE.
Cocktail Hour – March 23, Bar Rag featured 70’s music with Colette Moody. That’s a must listen just because of the WTF factor. Check that out HERE.

Chatting with Sherri – March 19, Sherri interviewed author D. Jordan Redhawk (Heads up, you are required to love her). Lucky for us, the interview is archived and available HERE.


Virtual Living Room – The Virtual Living Room (VLR) is a Yahoo! based discussion group and this weekend they are featuring a Spot On discussion focusing on lesbians in the military. Join the conversation HERE.

That’s it for this week. If you know of any other cool events taking place out there on the big wide web, hook a girl up! Send me a message using our handy-dandy CONTACT form. See it? Right there on top. Click it. Fill it out. And by magic, we here at Women and Words will know what you know.




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