Check This Out – 4/6

The Liz McMullen Show – April 3, Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories featured author Isabella. She did three readings in one sitting. You can listen, and download the .pdf so you can read along, HERE.


The Liz McMullen Show – April 4, Liz hosted author Meghan O’Brien. Check that out HERE.


Cocktail Hour – It turns out the Bearded Clam business they’ve got going on over at Cocktail Hour is a writing challenge. The rules are pretty simple. First, you must include the phrases Bearded Clam (yeah, don’t ask. I don’t understand why either) and Cocktail Hour. The story should have a minimum of 10,000 words and no more than 30,000. Cheri The Rev made me feel like an ass (actually, it was more that she was really nice and I was just an ass all on my own), so I’m thinking about participating. If I can figure out what in the world to do with the Bearded Clam. Check out the rules and whatnot HERE.

Cocktail Hour – April 3, Conversations at the Bar – Andy hosted Andi. No really, Cocktail Hour’s Andy hosted Women and Words’s Andi Marquette. How cool is THAT? Want to listen to all that fabulousness? Check it out HERE.


Cocktail Hour – April 4, Bar Rag – Layce Gardner reads from A Perfect Romance. Check that out HERE.


Cocktail Hour – April 5, Conversations at the Bar – Check it out, y’all. I (Jove Belle) joined Andy and Cheri The Rev on Cocktail Hour this week. Wild that Andi and I both recorded Conversations at the Bar during the same week and it was COMPLETE COINCIDENCE. How cool is that? Oh, and I’m giving away a book over there. Go check it out and enter the drawing, okay? Listen to me laugh way too much HERE.

Love & Devotion 300 DPI

LesficReader on facebook – LesficReader is featuring a question and answer session with Catherine M. Wilson this weekend. Catherine wrote the When Women Were Warriors Trilogy. Join the conversation HERE.

warrior women

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  1. Jove! I’m sorry you felt like an ass – I never thought you were being one – but if it gets you to write up an entry, then that’s alright!

    Thanks, always, for all you do and getting the word out on stuff going on in the community!


    • lol, Cheri, I spend a lot of time feeling like an ass. It’s not a new experience. But I did feel exceptionally bad when I said, “And what’s the point?” and you said, “Because I asked nicely?”


      It was pretty funny.


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