Check This Out – 4/13

The Liz McMullen Show – April 13, Episode 18, Liz features author Patty Henderson. Listen to that conversation HERE.
The Liz McMullen Show – April 10, Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories with Baxter Clare Trautman. Listen to her read her short story, A Touch of Red. You can even download a PDF copy for your very own. Go HERE.

Cocktail Hour – April 10, Last Call with Colette Moody. This one is titled The Occupational Anus. Yes, you have to go see what that is all about. Go HERE.
Cocktail Hour – April 7, Episode 63 with Susan X Meagher. Fabulous conversation and she’s giving away five books. Go check it out and get in on the love HERE.
Cocktail Hour – There is still plenty of time to vote for your favorite Cocktail Hour episode. Do that HERE.

Virtual Living Room – It’s all about Women and Handcuffs this weekend at the VLR. They are featuring a spot on discussion with authors  Lori Lake, Amy Dawson Robertson, Vk Powell, C.P. Rowlands, Barrett, and Lynette Mae about lesbian fiction and law enforcement. Join the conversation HERE.

Lesfic Reader on Facebook – This weekend they are hosting a Q&A with author Baxter Clare Trautman. There’s even talk about giving a book away. Check it out HERE.

GCLS – GCLS posted their nominations in all categories. See the list(s) HERE. Take special note that Ms. Yvonne Heidt is on there a couple of times. Yes, we are very proud of her.

Sorry y’all, I don’t have time to add covers this morning. My six year old was invited to participate in the Annual Young Authors Conference and that’s this morning. She’s presenting a book she wrote and illustrated about a dragon and his teddy bear. Yes, I’m excited. If I have time this afternoon, I’ll come back and add the covers.

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